16-18 Summer Travel Pass

The new 16-18 Travel Pass

From 1 July the new 16-18 Travel Pass will be available for all 16-18 year olds living in South Yorkshire, including those in apprenticeships and employment, enabling them to access discounted travel across the region.

For the first time the pass will also be valid during August, allowing young people in this age bracket to travel all year round for the concessionary fare of 80p per single journey on bus and tram, half price rail fare on Northern rail services, as well as benefit from a range of operator discounted tickets on production of a 16-18 Travel Pass.


11-16 MegaTravel Pass

There will be no changes for young people aged 11-16 who can continue to benefit from discounted fares across South Yorkshire, including 80p fares on bus and tram, half price rail fare on Northern rail services and value for money operator tickets, with the MegaTravel Pass.



All young people aged 16-18 living in South Yorkshire are eligible for a 16-18 Travel Pass, including those in apprenticeships and employment.

Passes will be valid from 1 July, and can be used as soon individuals receive them.

Passes will be valid for two years and will have an expiry date of the 31 July of the second year in further education, apprenticeship or employment.


How to apply

The quickest way to apply for a 16-18 Travel Pass is online by using a MyTSY account.  Full details will be available at http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/1618TravelPass/ in the near future.

Applications can be made from 1 July and passes should be processed within 10 working days.

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