English Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all of our students who have been awarded ‘Stars of the Week’ in their English lessons. Students were awarded their star status for excellent effort in lessons and high quality of work. The accolade is open to all year groups and every member of the English Department nominates one girl and one boy each.

The following students have all been awarded English Star of the Week for putting 100% effort into their lessons: Read more

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

On Wednesday 15th February a group of our talented Performing Artists went to see the new show in Sheffield, ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’. A coming-of-age story with a twist, with catchy new songs by lead singer-songwriter of The Feeling Dan Gillespie Sells and writer Tom MacRae (Doctor Who), this brand new musical will have everybody talking about Jamie for years to come. Read more

Y11 RSL Music Performance exam

Last week saw an epic four concerts in two days as Y11 musicians performed their RSL Live Music Performance exams. Pupils have spent the past 18 months preparing for their 10-15 minute set, developing technical skills on their instrument and using music events on the calendar to improve their confidence and performance skills.

We are incredibly proud of our Y11 musicians – throughout this week they have demonstrated true musicianship and pushed themselves well beyond their comfort zones. The support they’ve given each other has been absolutely amazing and they’ve produced some very impressive performances. Well done!

To view all the pictures of the night visit our facebook page.


More excellent Tectonics homework

Sara G has clearly gone above and beyond with her Geography homework project this week.

She has created a cake which has different coloured layers to show the different layers of the volcano.

Well done Sara! Keep up the good work!

Photo 08-02-2017, 08 16 54 Photo 08-02-2017, 11 45 38

Year 9 Visit Sheffield University

A group of twenty-seven Year 9 students attended Sheffield University on Monday for a tour of the campus and a study skills session. They were accompanied by Student Ambassadors, who gave a true insight into University life during a tour of the campus buildings.
Time was allowed in the Student Union, where our students could find out about the extracurricular opportunities at Sheffield University as well as visit the many food outlets and soak up the atmosphere – leading to most of our students having a newfound desire to be an undergraduate in the future.

image 2 image 5

Back to the 80’s

Let’s go back to a time where everyone’s heartthrob was Kevin Bacon, TVs were a piece of furniture in your living room and The Walkman was the coolest thing…ever.

Mobile phones were HUGE, hair was massive, and The A-Team were bigger than One Direction.

Let’s go back to a time when Donald Trump had his own hair, back to a time before iPads and back to a time where you WERE gonna call the Ghostbusters…and they were men.

Let’s go back….Back to the 80s!

For more information check out our poster!

Final poster-01

Tectonics Homework

Y8 Geography students were asked to complete a project at home this half term on our Tectonics topic.

This is an example of some of the outstanding homework completed by Abigail Johnson.

Well done!

Cake 2 Cake1

Badminton Club 🏸

We had a great turnout at badminton club last week, we are having a big push on students attending an extracurricular club this year. We are so pleased that there is such a diverse range of students attending and hope that this will continue to grow.

Year 10 visit University

Twenty-six Year 10 students from Clifton were selected to attend Sheffield University on Monday for a tour of the campus and a study skills session.

During the day, the group were accompanied by University Student Ambassadors who were available to give a true insight into University life and answer any questions asked of them, of which there were plenty!
Our students had free time to mingle in the Student Union, experiencing students study, relax and socialise, and managed to conduct themselves exceptionally well when visiting areas where exams were taking place.

An excellent day was enjoyed by all, thanks to the outstanding behaviour and maturity of our students.

Holocaust Memorial Day

On Friday 27th January one of our talented Year 8 singers, Vaniya Farooq, was invited to perform at the Holocaust Memorial Day in All Saints Square.  Attended by local dignitaries and the community, Vaniya performed beautifully at this prestigious event, bringing a tear to the eye of people watching.  Jane Cardie, organiser of the event and School Governor, said ‘Vaniya did the school proud, we were honoured to have her sing at the event ‘.

Holocaust Memorial Day Rotherham