ICT and Business

Key Stage 4: GCSE ICT

Why study ICT?

This is a new course that puts emphasis on the practical application of ICT. It is a single award course that covers two units (one exam 40% and one controlled assessment 60%).

You will learn to present work of a high standard and quality in all subjects and assist you immensely in all future career options. The course can also lead students to ‘A’ levels in ICT and other computer related subjects at college and beyond.

What will I study?

The GCSE in ICT comprises of two units:
In unit 1, you will explore how digital technology impacts on the lives of individuals, organisations and society. You will learn about current and emerging digital technologies and the issues raised by their use in a range of contexts (learning and earning, leisure, shopping and money management, health and wellbeing and on the move). You will develop an awareness of the risks that are inherent in using ICT and the features of safe, secure and responsible practice.

Unit 2 is a practical unit which will be carried out in controlled assessment conditions. Pupils broaden and enhance their ICT skills and capabilities. They work with a range of digital tools and techniques to produce effective ICT solutions in a range of contexts. They learn to reflect critically on their own and others’ use of ICT and to adopt safe, secure and responsible practice

What happens in lessons?

Year 10 will consist of practical lessons where you will use a range of software to create graphical and interactive products which will contribute towards your GCSE through the controlled assessment (60% of the course). Year 11 will mostly consist of a mixture of practical and theory based lessons that will enable you to explore the impacts of digital technology and learn about emerging digital technologies (40% of the course)

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1 is assessed through a 1 hour 20 minute external examination paper set and marked by Edexcel. The total number of marks available for this paper is 80. This unit is worth 40% of the total GCSE.

Unit 2 is internally assessed under controlled conditions. You must complete a controlled assessment task provided by Edexcel. You will have 40 hours in which to complete the task. The marking of the task is carried out by teachers and moderated by Edexcel against set assessment criteria. The total number of marks available for the controlled assessment task is 80. This unit is worth 60% of the total GCSE.

What skills will I need?

You will need the desire to develop the capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independent learning, along with the ability to think critically about how technology is used in the real world. During this course you will complete a series of practical tasks and written exams, testing both application of skills and understanding of modern technology.

Key Stage 4: GCSE Business and Communication Systems

Why study Business and Communication Systems?

This engaging course focuses on current and emerging communication systems technology. It allows students to explore and suggest improvements to communication systems within a business environment. It also allows students to gain an insight into all aspects of business, from formation to management and finance.

What will I study?

Students will study three different units:

A266: in this unit students explore the different methods of communication used by business organisations. Pupils investigate the features of the communication systems used. Recommendations are made based upon the research carried out.

A267: in this unit students explore the use of different office software. Students will study the main office software such as Databases, Spreadsheets and Desktop Publishing. Students will develop their understanding of how each software is used.

A265: in this unit students develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range of contexts. Students will be introduced to communication systems and the business context within which they operate.

What happens in lessons?

Lessons comprise of various activities, from research to software use and analysis. Real world scenarios are used in lessons to allow pupils to relate to the topics taught.

For further information contact:

Mr A Khan

Head of Business Studies

How will I be assessed?

The course is broken into three assessed units.

  • Unit A265: is a written examination and it is sat in May/June in year 11. This unit is worth 50% of the GCSE. The majority of the students’ time is dedicated to preparing for this examination.
  • Unit A266: is a controlled assignment task worth 25% of the GCSE. It is broken into seven tasks. The total number of marks available for this unit is 60. This unit is completed in year 10. Students have a total of 10 hours research time and 5 hours to write their assignment.
  • Unit A267: is a practical examination which is sat in May/June in year 11. This unit is also worth 25% of the GCSE. The total number of marks available on this unit is 60 marks. Students prepare for this unit in year 11.

What skills will I need?

Students should be competent in the use of ICT systems. An interest in the field of business is also desirable. Good communication, research and critical thinking are also essential qualities in order to be successful.