The Reading Racers Checkpoint Is Now In…

After a very busy half term, packed with reading and quizzing, the results of the next Reading Racers checkpoint are now in!

Year 7

7EN1 maintain pole position with a staggering 1,185,433 words read since the start of the half term in September!
Stepping up to the challenge recently, 7EN2 now have a much healthier word total of 680,478 words so far.
7En3 have closed the gap to overtake 7En4 and are now in 3rd position having read an impressive 290,260 words this term.
Chasing quickly with 218,851 words, 7EN4 look like they are trying to make up for their recent loss of bronze position.
7En5 have accelerated their reading at a massive speed in the last few weeks and are next with 21,974 words. This is a jump of over a hundred thousand words since the first checkpoint – outstanding effort!
This leaves 7En6 currently in 6th position but an improvement of over ten thousand words gives them a super total of 11,498 words this half term.

Year 8

8En1 have been twice round the track this half term! Their word count so far this term is a colossal 2,636,002 words – INCREDIBLE!
8En2 and 8En3 are now fighting for 2nd place with 414,134 and 322,353 words respectively – an impressive leap from set 3 who were previously in 4th position.
8En4 are on their tails though with a mega 217,027 words.
Struggling at the back but still showing determination with their reading are 8En5 and 8En6 with 70,900 and 34,942 words respectively.
Keep reading and quizzing! Maybe next time, your class will be claiming pole position!

Reading Racers

Year 7 and 8 Accelerated Reader classes have been making excellent progress with their reading so far this term.  The results of the first Reading Racers checkpoint are now in!

Year 7

7EN1 are in pole position with 135,769 words read since the start of term.
7EN2 are next with 51,372 words.
7En4 are close behind in 3rd place having read 49,628 words so far this year.
Chasing quickly are 7EN3 with 29,793 words and
7En6 are next with 1949 words and currently in 6th position…
7En5 with only 575 words, need to pick up their reading speed!
Year 8
8En1 are way ahead of the pack with a mega 462,385 words already this term!
8En2 and 8En4 are fighting for 2nd place with 31,919 and 31,747 words respectively.
8En5 have qiuizzed their way into the middle of the pack with an impressive 22,350 words.
8En3 have some catching up to do, struggling towards the back with 14,892 words while…
8EN6 are chasing their tails with their 10,404 words.

Keep reading, keep quizzing and who knows, maybe there will be some unexpected leaders next time!

Reading Racers May 2017

Year 7 and 8 English classes continue to make huge leaps forward with their reading this half term and are zooming towards the finish line and heading for incredible achievements at the end of this year!

Currently in pole position for Year 7 are 7EN1 who have read a staggering three million, twenty nine thousand, three hundred and thirty four words since September – ASTOUNDING!

The Year 8 leaders this half term are 8EN1 who are also exceptionally close to reaching the 3 million word mark!

The fight is now on for 2nd and 3rd positions; 7EN3, 7EN2 and 7EN4 are all battling for a place in the top spots in Year 7 and 8EN4 and 8EN6 are jostling for a Year 8 place as the end of the school year comes in to view.

Who will be victorious?!

Watch this space…


Clifton Library Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter!

Clifton Library held a quiz to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter books being on our shelves!

With twenty five questions to answer, the competition was strong but the winner, with a score of 24, was Molly Smith.  Read more

Word Count From The Accelerated Reading Program This Term Is…

The total number of words read by students on the Accelerated Reading program this term is…

Six million, ninety seven thousand, one hundred and thirty two! 6,097,132

Fantastic effort to everyone who got involved!

Reading Racers

Year 7 and 8 English classes have made huge strides with their reading this term and are racing towards a fantastic finish at the end of the year.

In pole position in the Year Groups so far are 7EN1 and 8En4. These classes have read over 2 million words each since September – INCREDIBLE!

Coming in close behind for second position are 7EN3 with 1,593,278 words and 8En1 with 1,976,420 words.

Finally, fighting their way into third place are 7En2 and 8En3 who have read 958,585 and 766,676 words respectively.

Every class is working exceptionally hard in their reading lessons and should be extremely proud of their achievements so far this year. Well done!

Year 7 Accelerated Readers

Well done to our top accelerated readers for this week. Congratulations!

This is who made our top 10:

Name Form Words read
1 Zanerrah Basharat 7.3 142470
2 Molly Lewin 7.2 118975
3 Molly Smith 7.1 80979
4 Codie Nixon 7.5 64820
5 Mahnoor Sohail 7.5 31994
6 Taylor Kelsall 7.3 30736
7 Lachlan Hutton 7.3 30644
8 Nader Ali 7.3 29139
9 Dylan Whatley 7.5 28129
10 Marija Pociute 7.5 18271

Year 8 Accelerated Readers

Well done to our top accelerated readers for this week. Congratulations!

This is who made our top 10:

Name Form Words read
1 Sabeehah Aslam 8.2 82171
2 Suhail Chaudhary 8.3 26454
3 Rhyce Gibbons 8.3 23843
4 Ellie Bullen 8.5 13453
5 Salina Ahmed 8.3 11703
6 Lily McCormick 8.3 10420
7 Dominic Boyle 8.2 9759
8 Owen Dewan 8.2 9298
9 Dylan Davies 8.5 8911
10 Nabeel Ilyas 8.4 7678

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Top 40 Accelerated Reader 2015-2016


All Time Top 40 – 24/05/2016

As we approach Rollover, Madena’s place at Number 1 seems unshakeable.  But what about the rest of the top spots?  Hailie climbs 4 places this week to make it into the top 10.  Deniz is our highest climber this week, with Khurum, Jenna and Uzaira also making progress.   A big “well-done” to them, and to Anisha who squeezes back into the chart this week as our only new entry.

If you would like to know how where to check your own word count, or find out how many words there are in your current reading book – just ask in the library!

Change from last week Chart Position    Name Words Read
0 1 Madena M 2,904,139
0 2 Alijah M 935,620
0 3 Madiha I 809,303
0 4 Habibah H 706,876
2 5 Khurum A 585,722
-1 6 Ellie-Mae N 563,811
-1 7 Zeba B 557,535
0 8 Amaan A 513,111
4 9 Hailie S 422,278
-1 10 Arame S 415,966
-1 11 Chloe L 399,789
-1 12 Nanija B 388,978
-1 13 Kirsten W 384,545
0 14 Kian P 334,667
0 15 Joseph W 332,849
0 16 Muhammad Y 289,580
0 17 Ellie Mae E 265,021
0 18 Max J 263,883
3 19 Jenna N 260,420
-1 20 Charley B 217,550
-1 21 Isabelle H 210,499
-1 22 Sabeehah A 207,670
6 23 Deniz E 199,890
-1 24 Halima R 198,081
-1 25 Lana V 191,849
-1 26 Alice H 190,917
-1 27 Ben T 184,803
-1 28 Rhian H 181,218
-1 29 Salina A 180,359
0 30 Vaniya F 170,170
0 31 Ellie D 168,836
0 32 Lily M 160,835
1 33 Uzaira H 159,880
-1 34 Hannah R 157,787
0 35 Charlie T 141,406
0 36 Dylan S 141,018
0 37 Adil K 136,599
0 38 Sameer M 136,153
0 39 Siyaam H 135,098
NEW 40 Anisha A 134,496