Life in the Music Department

We’ve got 2 concerts in a fortnight next month!  Clifton Musicians are frantically preparing for our first Battle of the Bands on Thursday 5th May when student bands from across Rotherham will compete against each other to become the 2016 winners.
Y11 Rockschoolers are also planning their final showdown on Thursday 12th May.  Tickets can be booked by email – make sure you get yours now!

Y8 and 9 pupils are taking their end of year Music exams very seriously – they each have to prepare a performance of a song they have worked on this year and have only 3 lessons to do it.

We’ve also had new additions to our Clifton Musicians board outside P5 – congratulations to Y7s Riyam, Kristyna, Corey, Aladar and Rene, Y8s Elliott, Rhian, Alijah and Shohaib, and Y9s Leonie and Chloe S.

Check out some of the talents through our videos

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