Life in the Music Department

Life in the Music Department is always busy – but that’s the why we love it!  The classrooms and practice rooms are packed at breaks and after school with pupils forming groups for the upcoming Battle of the Bands in May and rehearsals for Little Shop are in full swing.  The Vail Expression are rehearsing whenever they can following the launch of the Y10 band at the Christmas Concert.


In lessons, Mr Griffin’s Y7s are learning about African Drumming and Mrs Maud’s Y8s are songwriting.  Y9 are about to make their choices for KS4, with many already showing an interest in the Rockschool course.  Y11 Rockschool pupils are currently working on their final exam for which they must prepare and perform a 15 minute recital.  Y10 are already exceeding their likely targets by showing real determination and commitment to developing as musicians.


The department is truly buzzing!