Rugby Kit Designed By Our Own Students

Yesterday Mr Fisher took 4 students to Laund Hill YMCA in Huddersfield to take part in a workshop with representatives of Canterbury Sportswear and the RFU to design a Rugby shirt for our School.

It was about involving pupils who love participating in sport so we took Neve and Joshua from Y7 along with Sathurja and Finley from Y8.

The pupils had to come up with their individual designs and then agree on one and finalise it.

Josh then pitched our finished idea to all the other schools. He did this in a really confident and mature manner which was commented on by the organisers.

The pupils were really proud of their finished design which incorporated several features connected to our school badge and ‘High Expectations’ motto. Their sense of teamwork, support of each other and their general conduct was a pleasure to witness.

Our design will be produced and the next time we see it the school Rugby team will proudly wear 20 shirts that were designed by our very own!