General enquiries should be sent to Mrs M Payton, Headteacher’s PA at

If you need to speak to a member of staff regarding your child, we recommend that, in the first instance, you contact the relevant Head of Year or Student Pastoral Manager on 01709 515005

For information regarding heads of faculty and subject teachers, click here.

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs H. O’Brien


Mr T. Hardcastle

Associate Headteacher

Mr P. Butterell

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K. Wade

Assistant Headteacher

Mr M. Hall

Associate Deputy Headteacher

Ms M. Smith

Year 7

Head of Year

Miss L. Miller


Mr N. Lastra

Year 8

Head of Year

Miss J. Webster


Mr M. Rowlands

Year 9

Head of Year

Mr D. Griffin


Mr. A Davis

Year 10

Head of Year

Mr R. Duroe


Miss C. Hemmingway

Year 11

Head of Year

Miss J. Hewitt


Mrs D. Harris