Sky Sports Leaders

Clifton pupils have been working along side Paul Broadbent as part of the Sky Sports ‘Living for Sports’ Programme.
As part of the programme, the pupils have had the opportunity to take on the role of a sports leaders, which included planning and delivering a session to older students!
As always, our leaders did Clifton proud they were excellent ambassadors for the school. It was clear that they had taken on board some very important life skills from the project as a whole.
Congratulations to:
Coley Underwood,

Abby Johnson,

Sophie Kellsall,

Malak Kassim,

Lily McCormick,

Lauren Wilson,

Skye Greenfield,

Riyam Zadini,

Jack Swales,

Nathan Beresford,

Ibrahim Bostan,

Jamie Hartley,

Sam McAnespie

The Impossible Triangle Challenge

The following Clifton students that have all completed their ‘Impossible Triangles’ this week! In order to complete their triangle, students must collect merit marks in their Maths lessons. Merits are awarded to students who have completed an outstanding piece of homework.

Congratulations to:

Roma Fako
Natalia Cechova
Gabija Liogyte
Sara Gazova
Ayisha Shahid
Zar Yshak
Abu Hussain
Sara Gavioza
Salim Swatiwal
Said Jamal
Khezar Asif
Brody Smith
Vladislav Gazi
Daniela Molnarova
Aaron Wickson
Ugne Peseckaite
Rumana Hussian
Jesika Tokarova
Cyntia Tothova
Ikra Sarwar

Dance Exam

The Y10 AND Y11 BTEC dance performance exams took place on Thursday 17th December 2015.

The Y10’s opened with pupils performing to Lion King, the first time they had performed with the live band! All students had spent hours beforehand in makeup with the help of Miss Charlton who made their faces into Lion lookalikes. The students were fabulous and all succeeded in passing the practical unit 4.

The Y11’s were up next with their fairytale stories. For this unit, they had to plan a character and create a scene telling a story. The students organised the whole performance from the tickets to the music and pictures on the screen! Once again, all students secured a good grade from their practical unit 2 and set an example to our up and coming performers.

The Cranworth Road girls performed their unit 4 together and also performed a solo for the first time in front of an audience.

The exam groups were joined by the Y8 and Y9 dancers, who performed two great pieces. This was an excellent standard from our KS3 students and we are expecting some fantastic dancers performing in the future!

We were extremely proud of every performer and would like to congratulate all the students who participated.

Photographer of the Year!

Just before Christmas, our budding Photographers entered their best snaps into Mr Mason’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ competition. We had some fantastic entries, and several of our students were tying for first place until the last vote was cast!

The following entries all received a ‘notable mention’ for gaining votes from the judges:

Six of our Eight judges all voted for our overall winner. We would like to offer a massive congratulations to….


Mr Mason and all the judges were extremely impressed by not only the amount of entries, but the great quality and range of ideas and themes displayed. Well done to everyone who entered!


The Impossible Triangle Challenge

The following Clifton students that have all completed their ‘Impossible Triangles’ this week! In order to complete their triangle, students must collect merit marks in their Maths lessons. Merits are awarded to students who have completed an outstanding piece of homework.

Congratulations to:

Anna Oraczko – Year 7

Leoni Clayton – Year 8

Isra Sarwar- Year 9

Charlie Marshall – Year 10

Stefanie Lackova – Year 11

Clifton Christmas Concert!

The annual Christmas Concert took place on Wednesday 16th December 2015.

The more traditional first half opened with pupils from Coleridge Primary School choir singing ‘Do you want to build a snowman’, followed by a number of Y8-Y11 soloists performing pieces they have been working on in their instrumental lessons.

The second half featured performances by pupils from Rawmarsh and Wickersley, with Wickersley Concert Band opening with ‘Schnee Waltzer’.
This warmed up the audience ready for Vocal Group’s rendition of ‘Budapest’ and ‘Merry Xmas/War is Over’.

Next it was time for Rock!  Mr Riley’s Rock Band blasted out ‘Bohemian Like You’ before Y10s Sam and Jan took to the stage with ‘Sunshine of your Love’.  This was an outstanding demonstration of what our pupils produce on the Rockschool Music course in KS4.  It was then time for the grand unveiling of newly formed Y10 band ‘The Vail Expression’, performing a set of three songs, one of which was their own creation.  Lead by front man Jaq Denton,  the five-some have been rehearsing three nights a week and are a true inspiration to younger musicians at Clifton!

The evening concluded with the award-winning Soul Band, supported by Wickersley Concert Band, a collaboration we intend to develop further!

Thankyou to all parents and staff who have supported Clifton pupils and the Music Department this term and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year at Little Shop of Horrors and Battle of the Bands!

Event Gallery:

Students of the Term

Every week for the past term, our Science and Health and Social Care teams have been picking ‘Students of the Week’.

Members of staff from each department nominated one KS3 and one KS4 student per week and their names were displayed on our website, the ‘big screens’ in school and on display boards on the Science Corridor.

At the end of each term, our winners names are put into a prize draw, where one Science Ks3 student, one Science KS4 student and a Health and Social Care student win £10, a certificate and their photo on the website!

Well done to our winners:

Ali – Key Stage 3 Science

Adam – Key Stage 4 Science

Chelsea – Health and Social Care

Clifton Climbers!

We’ve recently had a custom made climbing wall installed within the school Sports Hall as part of a community focused project funded by the National Lottery. The project will provide safe, supervised community engagement for young people and will encourage them to develop a greater sense of self-belief, self-confidence, and social skills. After school and community clubs have already begun using the wall, enabling young people to come along and develop their climbing skills whilst also engaging in developmental & exciting group training sessions.

The facility itself consists of 3 angled climbs including a slab section, vertical wall, and overhang. Together with the wall’s wide variety of graded routes, it can be used to cater for a range of skill levels and abilities. In addition there is a long 10m traverse wall which is an excellent tool when looking at coaching climbing techniques and developing higher level skills amongst club members.

During school hours the wall is also being used for PE lessons to both enhance the curriculum within Key Stage 3, and provide a wider range of sporting opportunities at GCSE.

So far we’ve had groups visit the wall from all over the Rotherham Borough, and regular club nights are set to increase in numbers throughout 2016.

English Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all of our students who have been awarded ‘Stars of the Week’ in their English lessons. Students were awarded their star status for excellent effort in lessons and high quality of work. The accolade is open to all year groups and every member of the English Department nominates one girl and one boy each.

This week’s winners are:

Laura Johnson
Max johnson
Kyle White
Julius Gazi
Shantelle Walker
Stanislav Karala
Dani Hardy
Callum Brittle
Muhammad Yasin
Kacie Atkinson
Christopher Evans
Khadija Hafeez
Samuel Hough
Nicole Wraith
Brendan Walker
Alysia Goodall
Frederik Zupko
Nikola Slepcikova
Ross Cockle
Shannon Tunstill
Francesca Bradshaw
Tyler Huddart
Malak Kassim
Mason Connellet
Gabija Liogyte
Patrik Dunka

Instrumental Exams

Recently we have had some students who have succeeded in passing there instrumental exams.
The students included are:
L. Johnson – Grade 1 Clarinet: passed with Merit
A. Ellinger – Grade 2 Baritone: passed
C. Webb – Grade 1 Rock School : passed with Merit
Well Done and Keep up the hard work !