La Fosca Sponsored Cycle 🚴🏻‍♂️ Day 1

The first stage of the Tour de La Fosca saw Mr Gurran set things going with an elite performance time trial of a whopping 17.5 km!!  This highly energetic start worked wonders for team morale as the first round of students continued in the same vein and have amassed a great total of 120 km so far.  This takes us to around Peterborough!!   Read more

Superior Students of the Week

Congratulations to the new ‘Superior Students of the Week’ in English!
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Movement Evening 2018 💃🏻

Our annual Movement Evening takes place next week on Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th April.  The show starts at 6.30pm each night and will feature spectacular performances from our very talented dancers in Years 7-11.

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Superior Students of the Week

Congratulations to the new ‘Superior Students of the Week’ in English!
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Trip to Poland

We flew out from Leeds with 25 students all excited for their History residential.  Whilst in Poland we visited Auschwitz which left a lasting impression on all the students.  Other visits included the Oscar Schindler Museum, the salt mines (used for worship in WWII) and the Jewish quarter chronicling the persecution of the Polish Jews.  There was time for a spot of retail therapy too!  The kids were a pleasure to be with and a credit to the school and MAT.  This visit will live with them forever and help inform their opinions and decisions for a lifetime.


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Excellence in English Awards

Our new ‘Excellence in English’ award winners have been drawn! Read more

An Evening of Shuttlecocks & Rackets

Yesterday Mr Slack had the pleasure of accompanying a few very keen students to a Badminton fixture at Wales School. It was an absolute delight to see students who wouldn’t normally participate in extra-curricular activities coming out of their shells, getting involved and doing themselves & the school proud.

After many weeks of pestering from the students, the fixture was arranged and they were faced against some equally enthusiastic players from Wales. Most of them were extremely talented, played for their own badminton club and would have given me and Mr Fisher a run for our money.

Our kids showed true spirit pairing up and playing 2 against 1 to make sure everyone got a fair game. It was especially nice to see Isbah being talked into picking up a racket and getting involved despite her nerves!

The evening was an absolute success with the coach from Wales eager to return the favour and bring his students to Clifton for a rematch after Easter!

Well done to the following students: