MathsWatch Is Now Live!

MathsWatch is available to all our students to help them prepare for any of their Maths exams or assessments. All have usernames and passwords so get on to do some alternative revision or homework.

All students have access to MathsWatch and have their own login which consists of 3 letters. If you need your login or password, see your maths teacher or email!

Your teacher will set regular homework on MathsWatch and it’s a great tool for revision.

The Reading Racers Checkpoint Is Now In…

After a very busy half term, packed with reading and quizzing, the results of the next Reading Racers checkpoint are now in!

Year 7

7EN1 maintain pole position with a staggering 1,185,433 words read since the start of the half term in September!
Stepping up to the challenge recently, 7EN2 now have a much healthier word total of 680,478 words so far.
7En3 have closed the gap to overtake 7En4 and are now in 3rd position having read an impressive 290,260 words this term.
Chasing quickly with 218,851 words, 7EN4 look like they are trying to make up for their recent loss of bronze position.
7En5 have accelerated their reading at a massive speed in the last few weeks and are next with 21,974 words. This is a jump of over a hundred thousand words since the first checkpoint – outstanding effort!
This leaves 7En6 currently in 6th position but an improvement of over ten thousand words gives them a super total of 11,498 words this half term.

Year 8

8En1 have been twice round the track this half term! Their word count so far this term is a colossal 2,636,002 words – INCREDIBLE!
8En2 and 8En3 are now fighting for 2nd place with 414,134 and 322,353 words respectively – an impressive leap from set 3 who were previously in 4th position.
8En4 are on their tails though with a mega 217,027 words.
Struggling at the back but still showing determination with their reading are 8En5 and 8En6 with 70,900 and 34,942 words respectively.
Keep reading and quizzing! Maybe next time, your class will be claiming pole position!

Excellence In English Awards

The first winners of our ‘Excellence in English’ award have been drawn!

The name of each Superior Student from this half term was put into a hat and a winner from KS3 and KS4 drawn at random by Mrs Mather.

And the winners are…
Finley Chadburn 8.2
Natalia Santana Peguero 10.4

These students have shown an incredible amount of effort and enthusiasm in their English lessons this term. Finley produced an excellent piece of homework for Miss Allison on Harry Potter and Natalia has tried exceptionally hard on speaking and writing in her Step-Up class with Mrs Purshouse.

Congratulations to both students!

Clifton Take Part In The South Yorkshire School Cup

We ended our interest in the South Yorkshire school cup on the 24th October at the hands of our old nemesis Penistone Grammar.

Having lost to the hosts at the quarter-final stage last season we hoped we may be able to gain revenge this time around. Unfortunately, this was not to be. We were disappointed on arrival to find that the game was to be cut short due to the pitch being booked later in the evening.

Penistone started strongly and scored early. They looked the more likely to get the next goal but we cleared our heads and put together a lovely passing move which ended with Josh Woodcock laying the ball into Louis Waterhouse. Louis took his time and drilled the equaliser into the bottom corner. This was from our first real attack of note.

We settled into the game with Jose Santana looking strong in midfield and his cousin Henrik defending strongly at the back. We hoped to get to half-time level but an excellent goal from the home side made sure that we came in behind.

We threw caution to the wind and sacrificed a defender at halftime to try to beef up our attacking threat. Unfortunately, this did leave us exposed at the back and two more Penistone goals finished our hopes.

The boys continued to play good football and work hard for one another and although the better side won, we can take pride from giving Penistone a much tougher game than we did the last time we met. Jose was our man of the match.

Y11 Mock Performance

Y11 Musicians took part in a mock performance on Thursday 19th October in preparation for their final live performance in February when they will each perform for 10-15 minutes.  We are incredibly proud of them all tonight – everyone was well prepared and very supportive of each other.  Highlights can be found on the Clifton Music facebook page @cliftonschoolmusic.


Artist of the Week

Well done to the latest Artists of the Week. Thank you for your continued effort and hard work.

Read more

Bag Packing Success!

On Saturday a team of 40 students (year 7-10) and five staff members went to Tescos to pack bags to raise funds for the trip to La Fosca next year.

The students were such a credit to our school. Although they were a bit nervous to start off with, after packing a few bags they really got into it and worked very hard! It was great to see the team effort in collecting funds for their trip. Lots of customers commented on how smart they looked and how polite they were.

Their hard work paid off as they raised a fantastic £557.49!

Superior Students in English

Congratulations to the new ‘Superior Students of the Week’ in English!

These students have shown consistent effort and enthusiasm in English lessons this week.  They have involved themselves with class discussions and are working hard to reach their target grades.  Well done everyone!

Mrs Mather: Millie Callaghan 11.4 Sameera Mazhar 11.4

Miss Pyott: Bradley Bean 8.2 Elphida Gaco 11.2

Miss Foster: Richard Mroc 8.6 Hassan Iqbal 11.4

Miss Wilkinson: Sabeehah Aslam 9.2 Hasnain Malik 11.6

Miss Allison: Anisha Ahmed 9.1 Tiba Ghadeer 11.1

Miss St. Pierre: Mitchell Soar 7.5 Coley Underwood 9.4

Miss Stephen: Tayyub Rashid 7.6 Salina Ahmed 9.3

Watch this space!

The first winners of the ‘Excellence in English’ award will be announced next week!

Y9 Netball Tournament Away At Wales

Wales held the Y9 netball tournament last night. After hours of after school and lunchtime practices, the girls arrived with a confident head on their shoulders.

We were put into a category with Wickersley, Aston, Wath and Maltby and all delivered very strong teams. Despite this the girls gave their all from the first game to the last, making it very difficult for the opposing teams.
Despite the results, it’s the best I have seen the girls play, incorporating all of the skill and tactics they’ve focused on in extra practice.
It would be unfair of me to pinpoint a ‘player of the tournament’ as every single girl on that court gave their all, they played as a unit and demonstrated some great netball. I am so unbelievably proud of them all and how far they have come, they were a credit to the school and themselves.
If you see them, please congratulate them for their efforts.
Malak  (C)

Halloween Movie Night Success

Last night over 50 students attended a Halloween movie night, in aid of the Sheffield Children’s hospital’s snowflake project. The evening was organised and ran by members of the student council. They sold tickets, sweets, drinks and popcorn to raise money. The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all.