Year 11 Challenge!

A group of our Year 11 students are currently taking part in the ‘Year 11 Challenge’.

The students are given targets to meet around school and in lessons and collect points for achieving each target. They also score points for attending revision sessions, the MRC  before and after school and for every minute that they spend on FrogPlay (an online revision source).

The scheme is aimed at helping students to be as prepared as possible for their exams. The students have been put into a league with 3 Chromebooks up for grabs for the top 3 finishers!!

Photographed are our current top 5 leaders.

Year 11 Rounders

Yesterday, some of our Year 11 girls represented Clifton at the Year 11 Rounders tournament. They were outstanding, a true credit to themselves and Clifton School. They won two matches and drew one against Aston, who went on to win the tournament.

Well done to:

Sophie Pickersgill
Alison Brain
Lauren Oxley
Emily Oxley
Sadia Khan
Ikra Nawaz
Amanda Mbelle
Zeba Basharat
Toni Marshal
Yasmin Ali
Lucy Machin
Millie Avill
Damon Erkal

Hijacked Fairytales



Monday 27th April & Tuesday 28th April at 6.30pm.

Come and see our talented students perform in this unique production. Tickets are £3 each (under 11s are free) and can be purchased from Mrs Houlbrook in P5 – the Music Workroom. We look forward to seeing you there!

Year 9 Easter Attendance Challenge

Congratulations to the Year 9 Students who have won the ‘Easter Attendance Challenge’ for 100% Attendance between 23/02/15 and 27/03/15

Winners were:

Jodielei 9.1
Nathan 9.1
Waqas 9.
Courtney 9.2
Dunya 9.3
Chelsea 9.3
Tyler 9.4
Emily 9.4
Jack 9.5
Daisy 9.5
Farhad 9.6
Danika 9.6
Marie 9.7
Luke 9.7
Noel 9.8
Leila 9.8

Keep up the good work!

Introducing… FrogPlay!

FrogPlay is an online revision site, which will allow students to learn independently and increase their levels and grades at school. It is designed to work anytime, anywhere on, ALL devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, Windows 8 devices and more!

All of our students have been set up with their own accounts and should have received their log in details via their form tutor and in a letter home. Any students who are yet to receive these details should speak to their form tutor.

the site can be accessed via

Effort Awards

Over the past two weeks, Years 7, 9 and 10 have all had their latest Effort Award assemblies.

Congratulations to the following students who have each been awarded first place (No1 in the effort rankings) for the latest data collections.

Year 7:

Chloe 7.5
Ethan 7.5
Rhian 7.6
Aaminah 7.1
Laura 7.5
Molly 7.2
Candice 7.1
Olivia 7.7
Alice 7.6
Siyaam 7.8
Sarah 7.5
Jenna 7.1
Charlie 7.5
Lana 7.6
Leoni 7.7
Isabelle 7.5
Sidra 7.2
Madiha 7.7
Samin 7.7
Ashley 7.8
Hannah 7.5

Year 9:

Yosra 9.2
Courtney 9.3
Vadims 9.6
Roger 9.5
Said 9.7
Wajeeha 9.4
Scott 9.7
Thasmar 9.4
Aisha 9.5
Danika 9.6
Emily 9.4
Nicole 9.5

Year 11:

Adiba 11.5
Yasmin 11.4
Zarina 11.3
Millie 11.3
Owen 11.1
Rachel 11.7
Xinyue 11.6
Blake 11.1
Jade 11.6
Anika 11.1
Samantha 11.7
Terri 11.2
Emily 11.4
Lauren 11.4
Kasey 11.3
Karolina 11.5
Zaibah 11.6
Megan 11.3
Sophie 11.2
Lauren 11.5
Ellie 11.5
Holly 11.1
Saarah 11.5
Zara 11.2
Charlotte 11.2
Nadia 11.2
Elise 11.3
Toni 11.1
Aaron 11.6
Nosheen 11.2
Tyler 11.8


Congratulations to the following students who, along with the above, were in the top 20 effort rankings:

Khezar 9.7
Ardonit 9.8
Callum 9.4
Jessica 9.5
Kenady 9.5
Lauren 9.8
Courtney 9.7
Alisha 9.8
Alice 9.8
Naomi 9.5


We would also like to congratulate the following students who have significantly moved up the effort rankings since the last collection:

Year 7:

Tyler 7.8 Moved up 61 places
Chloe 7.5 Moved up 58 places
Alina 7.4 Moved up 55 places
Perla 7.4 Moved up 55 places
Ethan 7.5 Moved up 54 places
Lukas 7.2 Moved up 54 places
Jonas 7.4 Moved up 49 places
Joseph 7.7 Moved up 45 places
Marek 7.5 Moved up 43 places
Julius 7.2 Moved up 40 places


Year 9:

Aneta 9.5 Moved up 43 places
Phoebe 9.5 Moved up 41 places
Daniel 9.1 Moved up 40 places


Year 11:

Samera 11.8 Moved up 82 places
Connor 11.8 Moved up 45 places
Bradley 11.1 Moved up 45 places
Tanya 11.8 Moved up 42 places
Jacob 11.2 Moved up 42 places
Sbah 11.5 Moved up 42 places
Gulrukh 11.6 Moved up 41 places


A big congratulations to all our achievers!

Netball Success!

A massive well done to all the girls involved in the netball fixture on Wednesday night: Our Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 teams all won their matches against St Pius. Staff at the St Pius were even commenting on the talent that we have here at Clifton Community School! Congratulations to all the girls who took part – we are very proud!


Year 8 Football Win

Having beaten Wickersley at home in their first game of the season, The Year 8 football team were eager to play the end of season encounter to see if they could do it again. After an even game with both sides playing exceptionally well, the team were able to pip their rivals to the post with a 2-1 win!

Jack won ‘Man of the Match’ with Kian and Nathan scoring our winning goals. It was a job well done in an entertaining encounter played in excellent spirit by both sets of players.


Students of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s ‘Students of the Week’

Emma 7.3, for the highest effort ranking in her form following last data collection

Finley 8.3 

Alisha 9.8, for achieving a high number of CFP’s

Dominik 10.3, who always does the right thing, attends English revision, cares about his education and wants to do his best

Holly 11.1, for 4 CFP’s in a week

 Forms of the week are: 7.8, 8.5, 9.8, 10.7, 11.1

Rotherham United Future Stars

We are pleased to announce that for the next 10 weeks, Rotherham United CST ‘Future Stars’ sessions will take place every Saturday at Clifton Community School!