Schools Music Week

Music Week is taking place from Monday 26th September! The week will be jammed-packed with performances in assemblies, pop-up performances around school and a Pianothon! There will be live rehearsals in the Music Department and a rap battle! The Music Leaders will also be revealed – these are pupils who have shown talent, dedication and resilience in their music studies at Clifton. They will now help to mentor younger musicians by leading ensembles of their own – Ukulele Orchestra is to be led by Y11 guitarist Jan Karala, and Harmonix, a vocal Group, will be led by Y9 musician Alice Hardy. Both ensembles will start on Tuesday 27th September from 3.15-4pm in the Music Department – all pupils welcome!

The programme for the week is as follows:
Monday: watch The Astros rehearsing at lunch in P5
Tuesday: Rap Battle at lunchtime in P5
Ukulele Orchestra and Harmonix after school
Wednesday: Pianothon all day!
Thursday: Drumming workshop at lunchtime in P5

There will also be an Inter-form Classroom Karaoke – the winning form will receive tickets for The Clifton Factor!

What will you do to get involved?!

SMW Poster