Scientist of the Week

Each week, every Science teacher will nominate one Key Stage 3 and one Key Stage 4 pupil to be named ‘Scientist of the Week’. Winners will receive a certificate along with pride of place on the ‘Scientist of the Week’ display board on the Science corridor, as well as a mention on the ‘big screens’ in school, the website and the Facebook page!

This week’s winners are:

Teacher KS3 W/E 19/6 KS4 W/E 19/6
Ms Phillips Javairia Hussain- Consistently excellent work and effort throughout the year in Science. Brandon Collins- Excellent progress in our last few lessons on graphs and variables.
Mr Gurran Faiza Bi – (Biology) for an excellent piece of work on breathing including the science behind it, an evaluation of a model to demonstrate it and use of evidence to support her work. Ricky Hill -(Chemistry) for an excellent attitude and desire to do well and improve particularly in areas of ‘how science works’.
Mr Churcher Auguste Reykyte – Continual commitment to learning and improving her Science skills and knowledge. Aaron Wickson – Much improved attitude to learning and he has made some great contributions to the lessons this week.  Well Done Aaron.
Mr Caddy Megan Hopkins – Physics. Out of school work going above and beyond what I asked for. Ellen Chamberlain – Chemistry – Presentation is excellent in book after marking.
Ms Devine Siyaam Hussain Y7 – Physics – Consistently trying to reach his target level. Josh France Y10 – Chemistry – Excellent practical work all week.
Ms Beardsmore Isabelle Hall (Physics) – Fantastic attitude every week, her work is always well presented. Matthew Cooper / Ronan Hodgkinson (Physics) – Both have shown an improved attitude to their GSCE studies – well done
Mr Duroe Daniel Battersby, Physics – Working independently and consistently wanting to improve work. Jake Tyler, Chemistry – Working with detail and accuracy