Teen Tech

Some Y8 pupils attended the TeenTech Science Exhibition at Doncaster Racecourse yesterday. Their enthusiasm for the event and their personalities really made an impact on those at the exhibition.

After our welcome by Maggie Philbin of Tomorrow’s World fame we had morning activities wandering round different exhibitors including:

  • Vulcan (the aeroplane/bomber) where pupils made model planes and had a go on a flight simulator.
  • Eaton (industrial lighting company) where pupils built a mirror maze to reflect a light to a sensor (Chantelle won her prize here) and worked out a binary signal code to light up a light.
  • A foundation building company where pupils completed puzzles to win prizes and JVC/Kenwood (electronics) where they completed a quiz and some won earphones.

Second part of the day was innovation where pupils were left in their groups to invent a useful device to enhance life in 2050 and then present to the whole room. They designed and presented solar-powered speakers.

Finally we visited a room where they experimented with different clothing dyes and dyed different fabrics and finally had fun on an interactive whiteboard.


Highlights included:

A group certificate for teamwork during the innovation seminar.
£50 iTunes voucher for Chantelle for her excellent contribution to a lighting task on the Eaton stand.
Described as the ‘best group of the day’ on the Clevertouch interactive whiteboard activity.