Year 11 Effort Ranking Awards

A HUGE congratulations to the 9 Y11 students who have achieved first place (No1 in the effort ranking) for the 1st collection:

Adiba Ali, Owen Broadway, Rachel Essex, Katelyn Holdridge, Toni Marshall, Terri Mosley, Samantha Scattergood, Zaibah Shahid and Megan South.


We would also like to congratulate the Year 11’s who, along with the above, achieved the top 20 effort rankings:

Yasmin Ali, Millie Avill, Aliyah Ahmed, Xinyue Guan, Zaynab Hussain, Emily Oxley, Lauren Oxley, Katja Petrova, Karolina Sersniovaite, Kane Watts and Sbah Hussain


Well done to all – Excellent effort!