Year 7 Effort Ranking Awards

A HUGE congratulations to the following Y7 students who have all achieved first place (No1 in the Effort Ranking) for the 1st collection:

Isabelle Hall, Laura Johnson and Josh Underwoood

We would also like to congratulate the Year 7’s who, along with the above, achieved the top 10 effort rankings:

Leoni Baldwin, Emmy Boldy, Molly Burgin, Candice Cooper, Olivia Davies, Alice Hardy, Sidra Hussain, Madiha Iqbal, Samin Jamal, Billie-Jo Machin, Ellie-Mae Nicholson, Jenna Nishat, Hannah Rashid, Samuel Slepcik, Chelsea Swift, Kirsten Weatherhead, Juste Ziupaite.

Well done to all – Excellent effort!