Year 9s Collaborative Poem

This week in history Year 9 have been exploring World War 1 poetry and expressing their knowledge and feelings from this term in a collaboratively planned poem.

This is the fantastic efforts of one Year 9 class; Shuayb Alam, Sobia Ali, Jonas Badi, Vanesa Cechova, Natalia Dunkova, Marian Gazi, Patrik Hanko, Jenna Hawksworth, Aneta Horvatova, Josh Lawton, Perla Makulova, Costica Rostas, Laura Slepcikova, Gul Yshak, Khalida Yshak and Zar Yshak.

The poor, old beggars
Begging for peace,
Weeping for sleep,
Crying week after week.

The rain has caused pain,
Which will never go away again.
You will suffer, day after day.

The crowds were proud,
But led them to be dead.
So give them respect,
And do not forget.

Gas will pass,
So wear your mask,
You’ve got to be fast,
Don’t be last!

You cushy cowards,
Want a feather?
You’ll be left in the past forever.
Tears are dripping,
Hearts are breaking,
Bodies are shaking,
Families are ending.