Wickersley Music festival

The ‘Epic’ Wickersley Music Festival – what a tour de force. Bringing together secondary and primary musicians in this event showed just how much musical talent is growing and flourishing in our schools. Read more

The Impossible Triangle

To complete the challenge students collect merit points in there maths lessons, merits are given to pupils who have made a significant improvement, reached a test target, achieved a great piece of work in lesson and also completed a great piece of homework.
The completed triangle is made up of 9 collected merits when one is completed a student receives a text home,a post card home and also a CFP! All pupils achieving a full triangle will be placed into a prize draw at the end of term and 1 student from each year group will be drawn to win £5 and a certificate.

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English Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all of our students who have been awarded ‘Stars of the Week’ in their English lessons. Students were awarded their star status for excellent effort in lessons and high quality of work. The accolade is open to all year groups and every member of the English Department nominates one girl and one boy each.

This week’s winners are:

Alzbeta Chroma
Courtney Johnson
Chloe Bullen
Kelli Stansfield
Rhian Hart
Aaminah Hussain
Francesca Bradshaw
Ikra Sarwar
Vanesa Tothova
Gabija Liogyte
Amin Ibdali
Stanislav Karala
Isaac Iqbal
Ardonit Behluli
Scott Moore
Radu Anghel
Alhamudin Orshdin
Josh Morton
Marek Ziga
Gul Yshak

Clifton Instagram

Clifton Community School now has an Instagram page!

Follow us at the following link and stay up to date with whats going on around school.

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The Impossible Triangle Challenge

The following Clifton students that have all completed their ‘Impossible Triangles’ this week! In order to complete their triangle, students must collect merit marks in their Maths lessons. Merits are awarded to students who have completed an outstanding piece of homework. They all received £5, a certificate and a text home.

Congratulations to:

Sara Gazova
Ayisha Shahid
Mohamed Ali
Said Jamal
Ikra Sarwar

Hospitality Evening

Our Y11 hospitality group recently took part in the organisation and production of a catering event for over 40 guests.
The Y11 hospitality group completed their practical assessment by organising and running a meal for over 40 guests including staff and parents.

The pupils chose to prepare and cook an Italian themed meal of Minestrone soup, garnished with croutons and served with homemade bread roll. There was a choice for main course of vegetable lasagne or chicken stuffed with garlic cheese and wrapped in bacon, both served with roasted vegetable and braised onions. The dessert was a trio of chocolate mousse with a ginger biscuit, lemon cheesecake and tiramisu. The meal was rounded off with tea and coffee.

The food was prepared, cooked and served by the Y11 pupils, supported by some of the Y10 pupils who will complete a similar task next year.