Impossible Triangle Challenge

To complete the challenge students collect merit points in their maths lessons, merits are given to pupils who have made a significant improvement, reached a test target, achieved a great piece of work in a lesson and also completed a great piece of homework. The completed triangle is made up of 9 collected merits when one is completed a student receives a text home, postcard home and also a CFP! All pupils achieving a full triangle will be placed into a prize draw at the end of term and 1 student from each year group will be drawn to win £10 and a certificate.

The following students have won the Impossible Triangle in Maths for this half term.

Each child will receive a certificate and £10.

Congratulations to:
Y7 – Parise
Y8 – Suhail
Y9 – Zuzana
Y10 – Ross
Y11 – Margarita





Y9 & Y10 Girls STEM Trip to Sheffield University

On Wednesday 29.3.17 a group of Y9 and Y10 girls attended, an event called ‘Exploring STEM for girls’ at Sheffield University. Girls from schools around Sheffield and Rotherham attended the event aimed at informing girls about STEM opportunities and careers.  Read more

Easter Egg Winners

Well done to the students below who have entered the Easter Egg Raffle and won an egg!

Hallina Nadeem Y7
Arpad Y9
Tia Lazenby Y7
Beth 11.6
Parise Y7
CAleb Y7
Holly Y7
Katie R Y7
Alice Hardy 9.2
Salina Y8
Latifah Y7
Ethan Gale Y9
Lana Y7
Finley Chadburn Y7
Qirath Y7
Eve Jackson Y7
Isbah Z Y7
Ihab Y7

Fantastic Homework Project By Shannon

Well done to Shannon Cains for a fantastic homework project, a house showing flood damage. Very creative with a lot of time and hard work gone into making this. Read more

Y7 Students Watch Bugsy Malone in Maltby

On Tuesday 4th April a group of excited Y7 pupils were invited to watch Maltby Minors’ production of Bugsy Malone in Maltby.  They thoroughly enjoyed the show, and can’t wait to get involved in the next Clifton production!

CTS Training Summer Programme

CTS Training are starting their Summer Programme on 4th July 2017. Read more

Battle of the Bands! Tickets go on sale today…

Battle of the Bands is back and promises to be even better than last year!

Taking place on Thursday 11th May from 6.30pm, bands from schools across Rotherham will compete.  The Clifton bands are Astros, 2Barz, Harmonix, Mountain of Diamonds and Y8s Majestic Eagles!

Tickets are £3 for adults and £2 for pupils – these can be purchased from today in P5!

Word Count From The Accelerated Reading Program This Term Is…

The total number of words read by students on the Accelerated Reading program this term is…

Six million, ninety seven thousand, one hundred and thirty two! 6,097,132

Fantastic effort to everyone who got involved!

Reading Racers

Year 7 and 8 English classes have made huge strides with their reading this term and are racing towards a fantastic finish at the end of the year.

In pole position in the Year Groups so far are 7EN1 and 8En4. These classes have read over 2 million words each since September – INCREDIBLE!

Coming in close behind for second position are 7EN3 with 1,593,278 words and 8En1 with 1,976,420 words.

Finally, fighting their way into third place are 7En2 and 8En3 who have read 958,585 and 766,676 words respectively.

Every class is working exceptionally hard in their reading lessons and should be extremely proud of their achievements so far this year. Well done!

Easter Egg Raffle For Bluebell Wood

The student council are selling raffle tickets this week during break time and FTT. This is to raise money for the schools chosen charity Bluebell Wood.

Prizes are all Easter eggs, the first two prizes are large Easter eggs with an Easter bunny!

Don’t miss out and get your raffle tickets now!