Useful E-Safety Tips For Parents

Get to grips with what they may come across on the internet and how to get help if you need it. Also find out what to do if you’re worried about anything you or your child has seen online.

As children between the ages of 11 and 13 make the transition to a more independent stage with the move to secondary school, they become more confident internet users with more varied habits. Internet use can be hugely positive for children, but it’s vital to continue discussing online safety with them.

As your child becomes a teenager, it’s likely the internet will be a part of their daily life. They’ll adapt quickly to new technology and use it to communicate, socialise and create. Most teenagers have access to the internet using a smartphone or tablet, and use a wide range of social networking sites as a vital part of their relationships with others.

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Engineering Apprenticeships Available With NetworkRail

Network Rail are still accepting applications to their award-winning Level 3 Engineering apprenticeship scheme.

Want to know what it’s like? Here is Jessica talking about her experience as an apprentice specialising in the electrification and plant discipline.  

Don’t delay! We will be closing down the chance to apply once we receive enough applications.

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Get Up To Speed With Stem

The Event
For employers:
Showcasing the sector and career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing. Driven by employers, Get up to Speed is a highly interactive event showcasing the breadth and diversity of the sector and future technologies. It is an ideal platform to bring employers together to promote and celebrate the sector’s success.

For young people and influencers of young people:
Introducing, Inspiring, Informing and Interacting with Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing. Linking the curriculum to real life experiences and exploring the diverse range of opportunities and pathways available in a stimulating, fun and interactive way. Contributing to Gatsby benchmarks 4, 5 and 6.

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Spelling Bee Stars

On Thursday 14th February 2019 our year 7 Spelling Bee class winners took part in the school competition in which they had to translate and spell as many words in Spanish in one minute in front of peers and some parents.
At the start of the week students struggled to spell hardly any of the words and with lots of encouragement and practise at breaks and after school and all I can say is they have really pulled it out of the hat!!! They did exceptionally well and all gave it a really great go. Their determination to turn it around has amazed us!
Our top three winners will now go onto represent the school at Sheffield Hallam University in April.
Well done to everyone who took part, excellent work by all!
Inderpreet S 1st place   
Eman A 2nd place
Zaynab H 3rd place
Mushtaba N
Mohja I
Danielle K
Dawid R
Lorena M
Simona J
Sohear F
Shazmeen R

Year 10 Scholars Programme – Brilliant Club

A small group of our year 10’s have completed The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme.  The programme involved 6 tutorials from a PhD student form the University of Sheffield.  All students involved had to submit a 2000 word assignment based on their subject which was ‘From curing cancer to designer babies: bioethics of gene editing’ – wow!
On Thursday 7th February Mrs Baldwin and Miss Sellers had the pleasure in taking the students to their graduation evening.  Kristian Horvath, who was also involved unfortunately couldn’t attend the evening.

Y10 DC2 Effort Awards

Well done to our Y10 students in our data collection 2 effort awards.

Well done to our number 1’s
Salina, Ellie, Ellie, Uzaira, Abigail, Alex, Monea, Cristiana-Ana, Demi-Leigh, Habibah, Kevin, Dylan, Hikmat

Well done to our top 20
Sabeehah, Oen, Mahien, Aleesha, Malak, Kamil, Mason, Inderveer, Halima, Sandrine, Basat, Millie, Lauren

School Parliment Trip

Y8 Celebration of Effort From Data Collection 3

Congratulations to the Year 8 students who all received certificates of praise for being number 1 on data collection 3.

Well done to our NUMBER 1’s!
Abigail, Luize, Bridie, Logan, Tehmeed, Talha, Connie

Well done to our TOP 10!
Boris, Ayesha, Neve, Denisa-Mihaela, Laiba, Aneta

Well done to our TOP 20!
Naia, Chisom, Hina, Darcie, Alisha, Shnyar, Ellie, Tayyub, Ellis, Addison

Well done everyone, keep up the good work!

UNIfied Trip To Sheffield

On Monday the 4th of February 24 year 10’s had the chance to attend an educational trip in Sheffield. The trip named UNIfied was a collaborative day between The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, run through HeppSY+.  During the day students had the opportunity to build confidence, negotiation and communication skills along with information about Higher Education within a University institute. The students were really enthused throughout the whole day and showed great confidence in their own ability to progress onto not only further education, but higher education.