Excellent Work in Maths

Some excellent Maths work here from Alisha Khan Y9.
Alisha Khan, Logan Mcloud, Boris Abaffy, Ayesha Abrar, Abigail Foord, Tehmeed Mian and Adam Saleh have all consistently produced work to a very high standard throughout lockdown. They have all completed revision mats, worksheets, mathswatch and practice papers, ensuring they have a solid basis of their previous knowledge ready for September, when we will continue with the harder higher end maths topics. Well done all!

With Me in Mind – June Newsletter

School Provision for Y10

Quality Work in Drama

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been working through scenes of The Demon Barber scripts and Ukashah has recorded her version of the script and edited it as she is playing all of the characters in two of the scenes which have sent out.
An excellent example of using technology to produce an imaginative piece of work. Her acting skills are excellent for Year 7 as well!Some students have had their families playing other parts, some have recorded themselves with siblings reading in. It’s been lovely getting these from a variety of students – some you wouldn’t expect!
Click here to watch Ukashah Munir in Year 7 perform!

Learning Newsletter – June 2020