A Drumtastic Time!

Thursday 3rd December was yet another busy afternoon for Clifton’s Music Department with over 20 pupils performing in Drumtastic!  The event took place in the Drama Studio after school and showed the journey that pupils must go through to become successful young musicians.  Soul Band opened the show, with renditions of ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Superstition’, both of which were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.  Next it was time for the Level 1 drummers; pupils just starting out on their musical career.  Despite feeling nervous, Auguste, Callum and Ricky performed their pieces with pride.  Charlotte, Bobbie, Josh, Connor and James took to the stage next, performing a selection of pieces from the grade 1 and 2 exam books.  Connor recently took his grade 1 drum exam – we are eagerly awaiting the results!

Next it was time to see some of the outstanding work that occurs in KS4 Music lessons.  Jan and Sam showcased their version of ‘Sunshine of your love’ and Matt and Jaq followed with ‘Uptown Funk’.  Kane performed ‘Mardy Bum’ with Mr Riley on bass.  The show concluded with the accomplished Rock Band blasting out ‘Back to Black’, ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Daytripper’.

Well done to all of the young musicians who performed – we are incredibly impressed with your hard work and dedication!  We have some extremely talented pupils who are going to go very far!

Well done to;

Matt Orme
Josh Plant
Hussen Mulhem
Jan Karala
Charlotte Caprani
James Cardie
Luke Poucher
Ross Denton
Salem Mafuta
Josh Hynes
Danielle Brownlow
James Mycroft
Ricky Shipman
Bobbie Hattersley
Connor Webb
Callum Johnson
Auguste Rekyte
Jaq Denton
Matt Cooper
Kane Jones
Sam Hough

Thank you also to parents and staff for your continued support!

Event Gallery:

The Christmas Concert will take place on Wednesday 16th December at 6.30pm in the Performance Hall.  Tickets can be purchased from Mrs Houlbrook in the Music Workroom.  We look forward to seeing you there!