Chad and Alex Visit Doncaster Athletic Club

Mr Griffin and Miss Harp visited Doncaster Athletic Club with Chad and Alex for the South Yorkshire Athletic Championships. The event was being used by many runners as a qualifier for English Schools and a time trial for potential GB entry so the talent was very high.

Alex made the final of the 1500m and did really well in a time of just under 6 minutes in a field of 13 runners. He showed determination and true spirit to keen going as the other athletes increased their lead away from him.
Chad ran in the 200m heats but sadly didn’t make the final but this was not the case for the 100m where due to true commitment right until the line, he secured the final place on offer in the final! He really did give his all and is the 9th fastest 100m runner in South Yorkshire. He was so thrilled to be in the final and we witnessed true sportsmanship by him making sure he shook hands with all runners.
Both boys were a credit to us as was a long day for them and they showed great spirit to cheer on others and not complain about the weather.