Christmas Reading Racers

After an incredible term of super reading and quizzing action, our Christmas Reading Racers results are now in!

Year 7

7EN1 now have a firm hold on pole position and are speeding ahead of the year group having read a phenomenal 3,085900 words read since the start of the half term in September!

Increasing their word count by over seven hundred thousand words this time, 7En2 maintain 2nd place on the track with 1,412403 words.

7En3 and 7En4 are locked into battle now in 3rd position and 4th positions having read 681528 and 660309 words respectively this term.

7En5 are still working incredibly hard to accelerate their reading and are next with 40254 words.  This is a jump of almost twenty thousand words since October – outstanding effort!

Currently in 6th position but working immensely hard on their reading still are 7En6 who have read their way to a word total of 17938 words.  Keep up the hard work; you’re doing fantastic! 

Year 8
With a mind-blowing word count of 4,985808 words read since September, 8En1 are the clear leaders of the Y8 pack again.  This class must have been reading in their sleep to raise their word count by over 2 million words!  

8En2 and 8En3 are still pushing for 2nd place with both classes almost doubling their work count since the last checkpoint!  With 894639 and 700926 words respectively this is a superb amount of reading to achieve in just 7 weeks.

8En4 are on track to prove that they won’t be so easily beaten next term though with their whopping total of 353823 words.

8En5 with 107804 words and 8En6 with their total of 58179 words have some chasing to do but their grit and determination with their reading is certainly paying off now.


Could it be a case of the tortoise and the hare when we next make a stop?

Keep reading and quizzing! Maybe next time, your class will be claiming pole position!