Clifton and Beyond Day

At Clifton we aim to ‘send every student out into the world able and qualified’ and last Friday the whole school took part in the Clifton and Beyond day where each year group spent the day developing their skills in different areas such as teamwork, enterprise and planning for the future.  It was a fantastic day and the atmosphere around school was amazing.  Students really showed just how creative and resourceful they are and how they are really developing to become even more ‘able’ and prepared for the world beyond Clifton. 

During our Clifton And Beyond day on Friday 12th July, Y7 took part in a range of workshops including settling in, team building and appreciating differences. During this time, we gathered the forms together and created a Y7 family tree where each individual displayed their own leaf with aspects of their identity. It was a brilliant day and the students really benefited from the time spent with their peers and form tutor.