Clifton Meets Clifton!

On Friday 28th Feb, some of our performers from years 7, 9 & 10 visited the Troubadour Wembley Park theatre where they were given VIP access to a special meeting with star of Strictly Come Dancing and the lead of The Wedding Singer show, Kevin Clifton. Kevin spent time being grilled by our students as to his inspirations, favourite Dances and musical pieces, his favourite celebrities and his own coping strategies for pre-performance nerves. The pupils were interested to hear his thoughts about how movement can tell a story or evoke emotions in a person.  He then took time to pose for photographs with pupils and staff and now the pupils were in the know, they were able to sit back to enjoy the Wedding Singer performance even more.  Kevin would have been proud that the pupils as always were a credit to the Clifton name. It was clear that they had put time into thinking of the most interesting and relevant questions that they could. 
The evening was a big success for all concerned.