Clifton University Girls

Almost three years ago Clifton school was approached by the University of Sheffield and the Grimm and Co organisation to do a project about Roma girls. This project was supposed to last for five months, however, due to a high popularity with the students, it has spanned two years.

The girls named their group ‘Clifton University Girls.’  As part of the project, the girls devised lyrics for rap songs, created poetry and worked with many famous artists to explore their ethnic and cultural origins; to consider who they are, where they came from and where they want to be.

Their hard work has been exhibited at the University of Sheffield and the Hepworth Gallery.  A summary of all of their endeavours was collected and included in the chapter of the book called ‘Re-imagine Contested Communities’ written by Deborah Bullivant, founding director of Grimm and Co.

Mrs Purshouse took some of the girls involved (Laura Janova, Kvetoslava Janova and Jesica Gaborova, pictured) to the book launch on the 14th May 2018. These Clifton students, along with the people involved in writing the book, celebrated this achievement together.  This is a massive honour for the Clifton students (past and current) named below:

  • Laura Janova
  • Kevetaslava Janova
  • Jesica Gaborova
  • Aneta Zigova
  • Simona Sabolova
  • Barbora Sabolova
  • Cyntia Tothova
  • Vanesa Tothova
  • Valeria Gaziova
  • Slepcikova Laura
  • Slepcikova Silvia
  • Makulova Perla
  • Varadyova Cyntia
  • Varadyova Diana
  • Cechova Vanesa

Well done to all the girls involved!