Clifton Welcomes New Students!

After a successful induction day last week, Clifton welcomed our new cohort of Year 7 students on Monday. Many excited and eager faces could not wait to experience new lessons and get involved in new activities.

Their Awards Assembly is now just a couple of weeks away, our new Year 7’s are looking to demonstrate that they can model the ‘Clifton Way’ values and impress with their effort and attendance. In the first week alone Year 7 have achieved 300 CFP’s which is a very impressive start.

Each one of our Year 7’s are encouraged to join a club, with lots to choose from including Sports, Music, Dance, Art and Maths clubs to name a few. Joining a club is the perfect way for our students to settle into school life.

Students also enjoyed the privilege of having exclusive early access to the canteen, which they’ll continue to have for the first two weeks, while they settle into their new surroundings.