Why study Art and Design Graphics?

This course will encourage you to design and make products adding your own personal creativity, originality and flair, while using a wide range of media and techniques including ICT software.

What will I study?

In this AQA course you will be taught how to work in more than one area of Graphic Communications, which might include; advertising and promotion, packaging design, illustration, design for print and communication.

What happens in lessons?

Year 10 is about learning new and developing existing skills in all areas of Graphics. This will involve: sketching, drawing & rendering techniques, working with a range of Graphics media including ICT (primarily Adobe PhotoShop Software using our new Mac suite in T10!), investigating typography and it’s uses, carrying out relevant research to inform your own work, analysis of existing artist and designer’s work, using research & analysis to inform the development of your own ideas, producing high quality graphical products in answer to a design brief.

Skills and knowledge will be developed through a series of projects and skills based tasks.

What skills will I need?

  • A love of Art and drawing skills.
  • Determination to be imaginative and creative when designing products using a range of different media which includes ICT design programs.
  • Some ability to use different art media with some accuracy.

How will I be assessed?

GCSE Unit 1: Coursework Portfolio (60%)

During Y10, you will begin your actual GCSE coursework. You will produce one of at least two projects, which will equate to 60% of your overall GCSE Grade.

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment (40%)

This is another full project completed in Y11. You will be able to select one question from several, covering a range of graphic communication. Following an unlimited period of preparation, research and development you will manufacture final pieces during 10 hours of supervised time. This will signify the completion of your project, and it will be marked as a whole.

Assessment Objectives

Your overall success on the course is measured by your ability to evidence the 4 Assessment Objectives, set by AQA for all Art & Design courses.