Why study media?

Media is all around us,  and it is Britain’s fastest growing employment sector. Do you watch TV? Go to the cinema? Play video games? All of this falls under media studies, Is the news always an old bloke with grey hair droning on at us? Who chooses what news paper headlines we see and why? Do Rappers and pop stars really own all those fancy cars, clothes and jewelry they have in their videos? How has YouTube changed all of these things?

What will I study?

Magazines and how they are designed, Films and how and why they are made, the promotion and marketing of Video games, television game shows.

What skills will I need?

You will learn everything needed on the course, however an interested in Television, newspapers, magazines, video games, would be helpful. Pupils will learn to use video cameras, photoshop as well as be expected to design by hand and write creatively for film ideas and scripts.

How will I be assessed?

The course has 2 units – Unit 1 is the exam, worth 40% of your mark and will be on Television game shows, you will be given 4 weeks to prepare your answers to a pre released brief.

Unit 2 is your coursework, you will study 3 topics, one will include making a 2 minute film trailer, the others will be on Magazines and Television Crime shows, Promotion and marketing of Video games or Promotion and marketing of Music Artists.

What happens in lessons?

Pupils practice a range of practical skills, design and produce their own trailers for a multitude of Media, You will be expected to complete research projects and design your own products, as well as work as an individual and as part of a team.