Why study GCSE Photography?

This course is for pupils who have a general interest in photography or are considering a career linked to photography. You will develop a wide range of both technical and creative photography and art skills and learn how to analyse the work of photographers and artists to enable you to produce original work in your own style using a range of medias.

What will I study?

  • How cameras work and what the different settings are for
  • How to use Photoshop
  • How to think creatively about themes and subjects and how to express your own ideas visually
  • A range of subjects such as identity, everyday, photojournalism, abstract, absurd, documentary, landscapes
  • How to develop a working vocabulary and knowledge of specialist terms in Photography
  • Learn how to use a range of medias, such as sewing, painting to manipulate your images.

What happens in lessons?

  • Teacher led workshops
  • Critical studies
  • Independent project work
  • Working to individual targets and deadlines

How will I be assessed?

  • Unit 1 Portfolio of Work (one in Y10, one in Y11) – Controlled Assessment (96 marks – 60%)
  • Unit 2 Externally Set Task – Question papers issued from 1 January in Y11. Unlimited preparation time. 10 hours of sustained focused study. You will respond to your own starting point (96 marks – 40%).
  • All work is produced and submitted electronically.

What skills will I need?

  • ICT skills are important but can be developed
  • A keen eye for detail and the ability to understand other points of view and think critically about photography
  • Patience and resilience needed to get the right shots for your work
  • You must be dedicated to working on coursework outside of lesson time
  • It helps if you have a good attendance record and good organisational skills – these are essential for ANY GCSE.