Year 7 Kingswood Residential

During the Year 7 Kingswood residential, students completed literacy workshops to create their own imaginary communities. They used their community to write creative and descriptive scripts which they went on to perform and turn into their very own spooky films!

Students had to create their own character profiles by thinking about who they were, what they were like and why they were there.

Throughout the day, the students worked exceptionally well together and performed various drama activities, from games to freeze frames to full performances!

When not involved in literacy activities, the students were given the opportunity to show off their resilience and team work skills on the Jacobs Ladder…. could they help each other to make it to the top?

Overall the visit allowed the students and staff to developed their drama, literacy and confidence; it was fantastic to see the students develop their skills in such a short period of time. Some went from being very shy and unsure to being able and confident enough to read their profiles. Thank you to all students and staff involved in this fabulous weekend!