English Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all of our students who have been awarded ‘Stars of the Week’ in their English lessons. Students were awarded their star status for excellent effort in lessons and high quality of work. The accolade is open to all year groups and every member of the English Department nominates one girl and one boy each.

The following students have all been awarded English Star of the Week for putting 100% effort into their lessons:

Christopher Evans
Charley Bell
Lidia Graff
Adam Davies
Humaira Sajid
Patrik Hanko
Declan Scales
Jan Karala
Saman Arshad
Zar Yshak
Patrik Bado
Blanka Horvathova
Dylan Whatley
Halina Bibi
Angela Lazarova
Shuyab Alam
Margarita Kisyova
Reece Lumley