English Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all of our students who have been awarded ‘Stars of the Week’ in their English lessons. Students were awarded their star status for excellent effort in lessons and high quality of work. The accolade is open to all year groups and every member of the English Department nominates one girl and one boy each.

This week’s winners are:

Laura Johnson
Max johnson
Kyle White
Julius Gazi
Shantelle Walker
Stanislav Karala
Dani Hardy
Callum Brittle
Muhammad Yasin
Kacie Atkinson
Christopher Evans
Khadija Hafeez
Samuel Hough
Nicole Wraith
Brendan Walker
Alysia Goodall
Frederik Zupko
Nikola Slepcikova
Ross Cockle
Shannon Tunstill
Francesca Bradshaw
Tyler Huddart
Malak Kassim
Mason Connellet
Gabija Liogyte
Patrik Dunka