Excellence in English

This week, the English department have nominated their first students for the new ‘Excellence in English’ award!

To be nominated for this, students have to show consistent effort and be enthusiastic in every English lesson as well as involving themselves with class discussions and be working hard to reach their target grade.

Deserving students from KS3 and KS4 will be nominated weekly by their English teachers. These are the ‘Superior Students of the Week’.  The names of these students will then be displayed on the board on the English corridor and parents will receive a text home in recognition of their childs’ achievements.

At the end of every half term, a draw of all of the Superior Students will be made and the two winners will have a photograph taken for the display, receive a certificate and a letter home to celebrate their success in becoming our Excellence in English award winners.

Congratulations to the first award nominees!

Mrs Mather: Mantas Pocius 9.3 & Josh Plant 11.2

 Miss Pyott: Fatima Iqbal 7.5 & Haris Mahmood 10.3

Miss Foster: Frantisek Gabor 7.4 & Isra Nawaz 10.6

Miss Wilkinson: Aadam Iqbal 8.6 & Smilte Vitauskaite 11.2

Miss Allison: Hermione Mercy 7.5 & Agnesa Hlavacova 11.5

Miss St. Pierre: Grace Jones 7.2 & Lubos Averkin 9.5

Mrs Purshouse: Natalia Santana & Peguero 10.4

Miss Stephen: Darcie Johnson 7.4 & Jose Santana 11.5