Excellent Progress in GCSE Examinations

Huge congratulations to all Clifton students collecting results today. You worked hard, believed in yourselves and dreamed big. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours – you will be great.

Once again, Clifton students have demonstrated excellent progress in their GCSE examinations. The top three performers were:
– Alijah Mustafa with four Grade 9s and 5 Grade 8s, firmly placing him in the top 5% in the country and demonstrating his all-round academic ability.
– Kami Sabir, who with hard work and determination, achieved three Grade 8s and six Grade 7s.
– Irsa Nawaz who successfully attained a Grade 9, A, two Grade 8s and three Grade 7s.

Other outstanding results included Joe Woods, who got three Grade 7s, Siyam Hussain with two Grade 8s and four Grade 7s, Juste Zupilate who achieved two Grade 8s and Aminah Mahmood who achieved a Grade 8 and three Grade 7s. Artan Dehbozorgi, who since his arrival to Year 11 at Clifton has seized every opportunity also secured an excellent set of GCSE results (one Grade 9, A, three Grade 8s, two Grade 6s and a L2M).

Another exceptional achiever in the Clifton cohort of 2019 is Shoaib Shafia, who accomplished an A* for A Level maths.
All of these students are progressing to the next stage in their academic journey at Sixth Form, where they will study a range of A Level courses. They will no doubt continue to be excellent ambassadors of the Clifton Way.

Well done cohort of 2019. Your commitment to learning, resilience and hard work has paid off and Clifton is celebrating their best ever progress results. We wish you all excellent luck for the future.