Clifton Community School is an 11-16 comprehensive school serving over 1000 students. We place a strong emphasis on achievement and attainment and our core business is learning; learning is measured at examination and we want and expect all of our students to perform to their maximum ability at examination, particularly GCSE.

High Expectation and ambition are key factors and any student good enough to attain an A* grade should not be prepared to settle for an A. Any student for whom an F represents the very best that can be achieved will have his/her success celebrated every bit as much as the student who attains an A*.

We believe that home, school and student is the partnership that guarantees success, and we will work together to do our very best for the young people involved.

Mr T. Hardcastle BSc. Hons

Our Values and Ethos

We aim to send every young person into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it.