La Fosca Residential

Recently, forty students from years 7-10 set sail in the direction of La Fosca beach, Girona, to undertake a week of watersport activities.

“A fear that I have overcome was getting onto a ferry because I was really nervous as I’d never done it before” Year 9 student.
“This week I went completely out of my comfort zone and tried new foods and activities” Year 9 student

Day one

Arrival at Camping Kings students lounged around the pool before being kitted out with wetsuits and life jackets for an afternoon playing games in the sea. A quick round of ‘head shoulders knees and toes’ quickly got us all into the water accompanied by smiles and cheers of locals on the beach.

“I was absolutely bricking going into the sea and this week I have been in more than once!” Year 10 student.

Day two
A glorious sunny day at Palamós beach tested the students’ ability to navigate the sea in sailing boats before enjoying a fresh lunch of salad and sandwiches. That evening, we headed to the beach to take part in Beach Olympics where our drama skills were put to the test as we raced between cones acting like chickens, James Bond detectives and Mission Impossible escapees. Evening entertainment involved designing robots in teams to withstand copious amounts of water being hurled in their direction. The engineers amongst us took to the stage and really did their teams proud.

“My proudest moment was trying every activity even when I wasn’t sure about it” Year 9 student

Day three

Students spent the day exploring Waterworld and enjoyed many hours of going on giant water slides, dipping in a Jacuzzi during a quick thunder storm and devouring delicious ice creams!

“My proudest moment was trying the waterslides even though I cannot swim” Year 7 student.

Day three’s evening activity was another chance for our students to show off their talents in ‘The Cube’- an activity that required team work and numerous different skills to work through the challenges.

Day four
We started off the morning holding on tight to banana boats as the speed boat tested our ability to stay on through waves and turns. The afternoon saw us exploring the sea further with snorkels where we met a many sea creatures such as an octopus, sea cucumber, star fish and sea urchin to name a few!

“I have overcome my fear of showing my body and I now feel comfortable in a swimming costume” Year 9 student.

In the evening, we travelled to a nearby town to practise our Spanish and buy some souvenirs.

Day five
Our final day saw us manoeuvring through rock pools and waves in kayaks and canoes. Several challenges were met and raised by our talented students who took these on with ease and confidence. Even our non-swimmers had gained the confidence to stand on their unstable kayak in the middle of the sea!
In the afternoon, the wind got up meaning students were challenged to stay on upside down canoes as well as fitting as many people in one canoe as possible without capsizing! Fun was had by all.

“My proudest moment was leading kayaking because it was really good to be able to take responsibility” Year 9 student
“I am so proud of myself for overcoming my fear of the sea because I never would have imagined going so far out!” Year 8 student

Our journey home was a quiet one as students and staff alike were exhausted from the exhilarating experiences from a fun-packed week.

“My star of the week would be the teachers because without them the trip wouldn’t have happened. They were such good spirits and encouraged us to do everything and have given us life long memories” Ellie Bullen, Year 9.