La Fosca Sponsored Cycle 🚴🏻‍♂️ Day 2

Huge stint today from a much smaller group of cyclists really upping their game to maximise the distance.

Lead-out from Peterborough by Josie this morning who blitzed my meagre 17.5 km on the opening stage with a massive 25 km.  Great start.

This was continued by Alijah, Amaan, Demi and Amelia who each amassed more than 20 km.  Ably assisted by a guest appearance from Chisom Christopher with 11 km we have smashed through 130 km today.  A great achievement considering we only had two periods covered today.
We have made it to London already!!  Might have to get the rowing machine out sooner than expected as the English Channel is well in our sights!!
Pressure on for tomorrow’s group to keep up the pace!!