The Library is open from 8.15 am to 4 pm Monday-Thursday and until 3.15 pm on a Friday.

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Reading Star

Reading Star

Reading Star

Welcome to Clifton School Library!

The Library is open from 8.00 am to 4 pm Monday-Thursday and until 3.15 pm on a Friday.
It is a bright, light and welcoming environment – ideal for study or quiet reading – and is open to all students during both breaks.

The library houses a large range of regularly updated fiction and reading for pleasure is encouraged. We also offer a varied non-fiction collection to support the curriculum and newspapers for keeping up to date with current affairs.

Students at Clifton are automatically enrolled as members of the library on their first day at the school and have full access to the facilities we offer throughout their school journey.  Books can be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks and students in Years 7 and 8 will also have an Accelerated Reading lesson in the library with their English teacher. In these lessons, students will be given the opportunity to take an online quiz on the books that they have read and will be rewarded for achieving high scores.

There are 8 computers in the library that can be used before school, during break and at lunch time.  A printer is also available for students to print any school and homework and basic stationery items can be purchased from the library before school each day.

The library noticeboard displays up to date details of extra-curricular clubs and activities across the school and Intervention Mentors are based in the Library after school each day to support students with homework tasks.

A timetable of daily activities is displayed on the noticeboard in the Library.  This includes details of when the computers can be used for playing games and of the after school clubs on offer.