Maths Superior Students of the Week

Well…..what can we say! Another fantastic week here in Maths. Congratulations to the following students who have proved themselves to be incredibly resilient and worked hard to engage with their online learning. We are very proud of you.

Mrs Thompson
Laurentiu Sipos Y8
Yusuf Saho Y8

Mrs Horner
Bridie Lee Ellis Y10
Isa Karim Y9

Mr Jones
Saleh Ali Y11
Andrew Bivol Y7

Miss Bacon
Adham Latif Y10
Laiba Hussain Y10

Miss Williams
Danielle Kubwayo Y9
Nasser Ahmed Y7
Thomas Watson Y8

Mr Heathcote
Charlie Pengkerego Y9
Zdenko Oracko Y7

Miss Weatherill
Lauren Soar Y11
Abisha Antony Arunthavarasa Y11