Parliament Trip Write Up By Shaila Hussain

This amazing trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had with school. I never thought I would have the opportunity to go into Parliament, let alone be given the chance to see an actual live debate in the House of Lords! The room was royal red and was absolutely breathtaking. Moreover, there was a sense of importance that lingered within this grand location. You knew something crucial was going to happen. To be honest, I have never had an interest in politics and barely knew anything about our Government before this trip. Consequently, I  felt incredibly informed at the end of the day and can proudly say that I understand law-making so much more. This opinion can definitely be shared with the others that were blessed with the chance to see politics in a raw and organic way which is very different to the information we receive from the news and social media. Also, we were on the visit with Wickersley 6th Formers who take Politics and they informed us of everything we needed to know during our visit. In addition, we had a workshop that taught us the rules of law-making and we were able to have a debate that included both Wickersley and Clifton students. It was great fun!

Another highlight of our day was the surprise visit to M&M’s World! We really enjoyed seeing the huge display of M&M’s that were placed everywhere within the shop and the cute merchandise that was available for us to buy. One great part of this store was the machine that dictated what colour M&M you are as it was so fun and interesting to use.

Personally, my most favourite part was seeing Platform 9 (and 3/4) at the Kings Cross Station. Although I had no money left (because I bought too many M&Ms), the Potterhead in me was so delighted at seeing the marvelous world of magic come to life before our eyes!

Overall, I am incredibly pleased that I was given the chance to see London because I saw/did many things I have not experienced before. This included: going on a train, using the Tube and seeing amazing landmarks. Thank you for sending us to London!