Supporting our Students

Everyone has the responsibility to keep children and young people safe. At Clifton Community School all staff are advised to maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’ where safeguarding is concerned.

Clifton Community School’s Ethos to Safeguarding

The child’s welfare is of paramount importance. Our school will establish and maintain an ethos where pupils feel secure, are encouraged to talk, are listened to and are safe.  Children at our school will be able to talk freely to any member of staff at our school if they are worried or concerned about something.

The Clifton Community School’s Safeguarding Policy has been written in line with the following documents:

Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2016

Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2015

Children Act, 1989

The Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2016 states that schools should ensure that policies and procedures are in place to deal with Peer to Peer abuse. As a school we treat any form of abuse as a high priority and as such aim to ensure that all students feel safe when in school. Children and young people may be harmful to one another in a number of ways which would be classified as peer on peer abuse.

The purpose of our safeguarding policy is to ensure as a school we explore the many forms of peer on peer abuse and include a planned and supportive response to the issues.

At Clifton Community School we continue to ensure that any form of abuse or harmful behaviour is dealt with immediately and consistently to reduce the extent of harm to the young person, with full consideration to impact on that individual child’s emotional and mental health and well-being.

At Clifton Community School we have the following policies in place that should be read in conjunction with this policy:

Anti-Bullying Policy
Child Protection Policy
E-safety Policy
SEND Policy
Safeguarding – Covid 19

These policies can be viewed here.

For more information regarding Peer to Peer Abuse please click here.

As parent if you have a concern about your child or any other child or if you require any support or advice please see below for information on how to raise that concern.

  • If the child is in immediate danger contact the police
  • 999 (in an emergency)

  • If the child is not in immediate danger then contact Rotherham Children’s Social Care Services to report your concerns.
  • Call the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 01709 336080
  • If the child is not in immediate danger but you believe a crime may have been committed then call the Police on 101
  • Phone School On
    01709 515005
  • And ask for Tanya Morris or Debbie Allen who are part of the safeguarding team:
  • Email –
  • Please don’t hesitate to come into school to speak to Mrs Morris or Ms Allen face to face.
  • If the child is not in immediate danger but you believe a crime may have been committed then call the Police on 101

The ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016’ document categories abuse into four main areas:

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Emotional Abuse


For more information on the above categories and other safeguarding topics, click here.

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If you require further advice or information on any Safeguarding matters as a school we would recommend the following links

The NSPCC website is an extensive source of up to date and current information regarding Safeguarding issues. The Link above will take you to the home page where you can search topics.

Topics relating to Safeguarding: