School Music Leaders

Congratulations to special group of students who have been selected to be Music Leaders for the school.

Music Leaders are talented musicians who have consistently demonstrated commitment to the Music Department and are dedicated to their development as a musician.  They will become ambassadors for the department.

Each Music Leader will receive a badge and a letter home.

Well done to our lucky students:


Alice Hardy

Alijah Mustafa

Charlotte Caprani


Jan Karala

Danielle Brownlow

These are just some of the responsibilities our leaders will be taking on around school:

  • Mentoring younger musicians
  • Leading ensembles
  • Managing practice room bookings
  • Supervising at breaks
  • Looking after equipment and space
  • Helping backstage at events

Heres a short introduction to each of our successful candidates.

Alice Hardy

Alice is now in Y9. She started playing piano five years ago, inspired by watching her mum play. Alice spends hours practising every night, learning pieces by ear and from youtube tutorials. She is always in the Music Department and has been working with other girls from Y9-11 developing their own versions of harmonised pop songs.

Alice will be leading ‘Harmonix’ – a new vocal ensemble taking place on Tuesdays after school in P5. All pupils are welcome!


Charlotte Caprani

Charlotte is in Y9 and has been an integral member of the Soul and Rock bands since Year 7. She is incredibly committed to her development as a session musician, playing drums, piano and singing. Charlotte is tutored by Mr Riley and can always be found in the Music Department, either practising piano or helping younger musicians.

Charlotte will be helping Alice lead ‘Harmonix’ and mentoring younger musicians in Y7 and 8.


Alijah Mustafa

Alijah is in Y9. After joining Clifton in Y8 he quickly gained a reputation as a talented rap artist. Alijah is a perfectionist and works incredibly hard to memorise his lyrics and develop his performance skills. He has performed at several music events this year as part of 2Barz, and will be leading on developing the performance of rap music at Clifton.


Jan Karala

Jan is an incredibly talented musician. Now in Y11, he started his musical career at the tender age of 6 when he was practising drum rhythms. He started playing guitar five years ago and spends hours practising every day. Strongly influenced by heavy metal, Jan’s role models include Jimi Hendrix, Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine and his father, who told him that to truly be a musician you must be able to play music of every style and genre. Jan is incredibly dedicated to becoming a true musician and is already developing his own material.

Jan will be leading the Ukulele Orchestra on Tuesdays after school in P9 – all pupils are welcome.


Danielle Brownlow

Danielle is now in Y11 and has always loved singing. She has had several lead roles in school productions, and this year was Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. Danielle has singing lessons with Mr Cowley and recently achieved a merit in her Grade 3 Popular Music exam. Danielle is not only talented, but she is also a great dancer and wants to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Danielle will be supporting the Y9 Music Leaders and mentoring younger musicians in Y7 and 8.