Risk Assessment on Reopening School

A full and comprehensive Trust wide risk assessment on the reopening of schools in June is now available to view here.

Following last night’s government announcement

Last night’s government announcement: Boris Johnson has announced a complete lockdown of the UK, instructing people not to leave their homes or meet in groups of more than two people. This is to further enforce social distancing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

With this in mind, you must only send your child to school if it is absolutely essential. It is important that no student or member of staff should come to school that has not been scheduled to do so. Students that are due to attend school must only do so where no safe alternative is available. We strongly encourage parents to make alternative arrangements where possible to reduce contact with people outside of the family home and risk spreading the virus.

We all need to play our part to keep ourselves safe and help reduce the strain on our local NHS services.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging time.

Science STEM Work

Well done to Danielle for her Science Stem work. Mr Gurran is very proud of her knowledge and understanding shown through her protein design. Well done Danielle.

This particular protein makes up the sodium ion channel and is important in nerve transmission. If the sodium channel was in a nerve cell that was part of a pain pathway, then blocking that channel with a drug would be useful in dentistry because it would stop or reduce the nerve that’s passing on a pain signal so the amount of pain that someone may feel wouldn’t be as bad.

GCSE Results Day – 20th August 2020

GCSE Results – Thursday 20th August

This year due to Covid19 and social distancing measures results day will be slightly different.

You will be sent an email or letter giving you a specific time to arrive at school, to avoid large groups of people arriving at the same time.  You must keep to the time you have been allocated.

You will have to come into school alone and adhere to social distancing measures. 

You will enter school through, the Cambridge Street Gate, where you will be directed to the desk where you collect your results.

Results will be distributed in either the Sport’s Hall or yard.

Staff will be available to discuss your results with you if you have any concerns. Mrs Baldwin will also be there to provide advice and guidance.

You will leave school via the gates into the staff car park.

If you cannot get into school to collect your results you have the following options:

  • Post Home
    Please email aneal@cliftonschool.org to request this option.
  • Authorise someone to collect on your behalf:
    Please email aneal@cliftonschool.org from your school account with a letter naming the person you authorise to collect your results. This can be a friend, relative or neighbour.  On results day the nominated person MUST bring a form of ID to confirm who they are.  Results will not be given out without your written consent.

Please note that results cannot be given out via telephone or email.

All of these measures have been put in place to ensure your safety.  We are looking forward to seeing you and celebrating your hard work during your time at Clifton. 

Excellent Work in Maths

Some excellent Maths work here from Alisha Khan Y9.
Alisha Khan, Logan Mcloud, Boris Abaffy, Ayesha Abrar, Abigail Foord, Tehmeed Mian and Adam Saleh have all consistently produced work to a very high standard throughout lockdown. They have all completed revision mats, worksheets, mathswatch and practice papers, ensuring they have a solid basis of their previous knowledge ready for September, when we will continue with the harder higher end maths topics. Well done all!

With Me in Mind – June Newsletter

School Provision for Y10

Quality Work in Drama

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been working through scenes of The Demon Barber scripts and Ukashah has recorded her version of the script and edited it as she is playing all of the characters in two of the scenes which have sent out.
An excellent example of using technology to produce an imaginative piece of work. Her acting skills are excellent for Year 7 as well!Some students have had their families playing other parts, some have recorded themselves with siblings reading in. It’s been lovely getting these from a variety of students – some you wouldn’t expect!
Click here to watch Ukashah Munir in Year 7 perform!

Learning Newsletter – June 2020

Birthday Card Competition Winners

We are so excited to reveal the winning designs for the Birthday Card competition!

Each winner will receive an Amazon gift voucher, a supply of their birthday cards for friends and family, alongside a mystery prize!

Well done once again to Darcy Williams (Monkwood), Esmae Swallow (Ashwood), Faye Scott (Monkwood), Chloe Duddill (Sandhill), Isabelle Pitman (Gainsborough) and Meisha Brown (Gainsborough)!