Y10 & Y11 Netball Matches

Y10 Netball Match

The girls y10 netball team had a phenomenal game on Wednesday night and won their match against Wath. The score finished 14- 7 which was an outstanding win for Clifton. Each player was excellent and we really pulled together as a team and stayed vert clam under pressure.

Danika White and Kennedy Hammil managed to outwit wath’s defence with Kennedy scoring 8 goals and Danika 6. Even with a shaky start, and the opposition gaining one upper hand, we managed to pull it back and take the lead. Although there were a few falls and bloody knees, the girls played excellent and won. Something which I’m sure they’re all proud of.

Y11 Netball Match

On Wednesday 4th November, year 11s: Chloe Blanks, Tara Gale, Sophie Dixon, Yasmin Shah, Nicole Hutton and Rumana Hussain along with year 9s Melanie Kelsall played against Wath School. All players played to the best of their ability. Chloe played goal attack and Rumana played goal shooter. They played some outstanding shots. Sophie and Nicole played goal defence and goal keeper, they tried their best to stop Wath from scoring.

Tara was our team captain and centre, she lead our team amazingly, with a little help form Mrs Cooper. Yasmin played wing attack and Melanie played wing defence. Wath played exceptionally well and defeated us with a score of 12:7. Our amazing goal defence Sophie took the well-deserved man of the match, her commitment and superb skills were shown throughout the game. Well done girls!

Year 10 Parents Evening

Y10 Parents Evening will commence Tuesday 17th November.
Please make sure your child is making appointments for you discuss progress with their subject teachers.

The Impossible Triangle Challenge

The following Clifton students that have all completed their ‘Impossible Triangles’ this week! In order to complete their triangle, students must collect merit marks in their Maths lessons. Merits are awarded to students who have completed an outstanding piece of homework, impressed their teacher with great work or a big improvement, achieved their target in a test, significantly improved their effort or for getting a 4 in the data collection.

Congratulations to:

Connor Wilde – Y8
Leonie Hall – Y8
Kristian Horvath – Y7
Ladislav Pokuta – Y11

Y10 Effort Awards

Over the past couple of weeks, Year 10 have had their latest Effort Award assemblies. Read more

Y7 Effort Awards

Over the past couple of weeks, Year 7 have had their latest Effort Award assemblies. Read more

Clifton Factor Grand Finale

The Clifton Factor Grand Finale will take place on Wednesday 11th November, 6.30pm, in the Performance Hall. Each finalist will perform 2 songs before the audience gets the opportunity to vote for their winner!
Our Finalists are:
Sunnah Hussain
Courtney Lewis
Shannon Cairns
Jodie Cooper
Salem Mafuta
Naomi Wright
Tickets are available for £3.50 from Mrs Houlbrook in P5, under 11s are free.


Scientist of the Week

Each week, every Science teacher will nominate one Key Stage 3 and one Key Stage 4 pupil to be named ‘Scientist of the Week’.Winners will receive a certificate along with pride of place on the ‘Scientist of the Week’ display board on the Science corridor, as well as a mention on the ‘big screens’ in school, the website and the Facebook page!
This week’s winners are:

Shaila Hussain,

Lauren Shaw,

Fiza Kamran,

Mitchell Weatherhead,

Marek Ziga,

Lukas Kandrac,

Jessica Smith,

Valeria Gaziova,

Molly Burgin,

Said Jamal,

Sophie Kelsall,

Nathan Caprani,

Danika White,

Alhamudin Orshdin

Jack Brain,

Jodie Cooper,

Kelsi Bowler,

Ruqaya Ghadeer

Please visit the Scientist of the Week display board on the Science corridor for more information.


Clifton Factor Grand Finale

Wednesday night was the night of the Clifton Factor Semi Final!  All eight of the remaining contestants showed a massive improvement in performance quality this week and have clearly been rehearsing at every opportunity.  It has been a pleasure seeing them develop as performers throughout the competition.

The Finalists are:

Sunnah Hussain
Courtney Lewis
Shannon Cairns
Jodie Cooper
Salem Mafuta
Naomi Wright

Each finalist will now prepare 2 songs to perform in the Grand Finale on Wednesday 11th November at 6.30pm.  Tickets will be on sale next week (further details to follow).

Rehearsals will be held in the Performance Hall after school on Wed 21st October and Wed 4th November.  All finalists must attend!

The Impossible Triangle Challenge

A number of Clifton students that have all completed their ‘Impossible Triangle challenge’ this week!

To complete the challenge students collect merit points in there maths lessons, merits are given to pupils who have achieved a 4 in data collection, made a significant improvement, reached a test target, achieved a great piece of work in lesson and also completed a great piece of homework.

The completed triangle is made up of 9 collected merits and a post card is sent home! All pupils achieving a full triangle will be placed into a prize draw at the end of term and 1 student from each year group will be drawn to win £5 and a certificate.

Congratulations to:

Jan Karala – Y10
Lubomir Gina – Y10
Andrea Sivakova – Y10
Maria Mrocova – Y10
Landon Drabble – Y8
Tyler Grayson – Y8
Ellie Crabtree – Y8
Laura Slepcikova – Y8
Bilal Ahmed – Y9
Junaid Bostan – Y9
James Mycroft – Y9
Kamil Oraczko – Y9
Zeba Basharat – Y8
Michal Bily – Y7
Rajmund Sidelka – Y7
Haris Hussain – Y7
Arame Sow Ndour
Coley Underwood – Y7
Riyam Zandini – Y7
Corey Gerrard – Y7
Rrika Gaziova – Y7
Anisha Ahmed – Y7
Alisha Pycroft – Y10
Lubos Averkin – Y7
Marek Ziga – Y7
Ales Gina – Y7
Alima Khan – Y11
Alice Ellinger – Y10
Alador Ciganoc – Y7
Stanislav Karala – Y7
Callum Bryan – Y7
Dawson Clegg – Y8
Scott Moore – Y10

Creative Art Packs

We have put together an Art pack that includes the main essentials that existing GCSE Art students say they find useful to have at home.  Read more