Scientist of the Week!

Each week, every Science teacher will nominate one Key Stage 3 and one Key Stage 4 pupil to be named ‘Scientist of the Week’. Winners will receive a certificate along with pride of place on the ‘Scientist of the Week’ display board on the Science corridor, as well as a mention on the ‘big screens’ in school, the website and the Facebook page!

This week’s winners are:

DCH Leonie Woodburn KS4 11 Physics Exceptional effort and resilience when using formulas
DCH Mhadia Iqbal KS3 8 Chemistry Producing a fantastic piece of homework about the elements
CPH Renata Zupkova KS3 9 Biology For perfectly demonstrating how to carry out a practical to the rest of the class
JCY Ali Mohammad KS3 8 Chemistry Attitude has been exceptional since returning and practical work has been outstanding
JCY Megan Parkinson KS4 10 Chemistry Top of the class LAT showing excellent understanding of the blast furnace
JTU Kristian Hovarth Ks3 7 Biology Achieving a personal best in the class assessment
JTU Chelsea Steane KS4 11 Physics Perseverance in calculations
RDU Salem Mafuta KS4 11 Physics Class participation has been superb
RDU Gabriela Horvathova KS3 8 Chemistry Fantastic attitude and supporting other learners
DBU Erik Bunda KS3 9 Physics Evaluated and made improvements to an investigation
DBU Vladislav Gazi KS4 11 Physics Excellent class participation – both asking and answering questions
RPA Ales Gina KS3 7 Biology Always has a great attitude to learning and completes all work to his best ability
RPA Farhad Qanbari KS4 10 Chemistry Good class participation and excellent practical work
CGU Rio Barker KS3 8 Chemistry Fantastic attitude and increasing confidence demonstrated in a great result on an end of topic test
CGU Marian Hlavac KS4 11 Physics Great effort and perseverance resulting in top score in class for end of topic test
PBE Michael Bates KS4 11 Physics Working consistently at an A grade
PBE Amin Ibdali KS3 9 Physics Excellent effort and attitude during the helicopter practical