Sky Sports ‘Living For Sports’ Mentor

​The school was delighted to receive a visit from Sky Sports ‘Living for Sports’ Mentor, Paul Broadbent, on Tuesday 28th April 2015.  Paul spent the whole day in school working with a range of pupils within PE.  He started the day giving a motivational talk to Year 11 in their assembly.  Paul highlighted the importance for the pupils to prepare well for their exams and that with the right attitude, anything is possible.

Paul spent the first lesson of the day delivering a similar message to a group of Year 7 pupils, sharing the message that no matter where you start in life, with the right attitude and determination you can achieve great things!  The group also engaged in some physical challenges to see who had the ‘right attitude’.

For the second lesson, Paul delivered a session to two GCSE PE groups on the importance of a good diet in order to performance at elite level.  This went down really well and gave the pupils a great introduction to the topic.

During the third session, Paul delivered a rugby skills to another Year 7 group, which was full of fun games that the pupils loved and were fully engaged in.

For the last lesson, Paul worked again with his first group on team games.  The energy levels of the group were fantastic and lots of smiling faces left the Sports Hall at the end of the day.

A fantastic day for all the pupils, who were excited to meet a former Sheffield Eagles and Great Britain rugby league legend: we are all looking forward to Paul‘s next visit!