Spanish Residential Trip

All students have returned safely from Spain and have been incredible from start to finish. 

Throughout the week they have had the chance to practise their Spanish, learn new skills on the water, explore Barcelona and the surrounding area and have learnt so many new life skills. They have had to manage their money, try new foods, work with new people and persevere with an action packed itinerary. They have done all of this with smiles on their faces and we haven’t had even one complaint about how tired they were! (Not sure how we managed it, but Kian Hatfield slept for about 21 hours on the way home!) 

In the hotel they did us so proud and the hotel staff were amazed at their excellent behaviour and the perfect state in which they left their rooms at the end of the trip. 

The beach and PGL staff fell in love with their unique, fabulous personalities and commented on how much they had enjoyed working with our young people. 

There have been so many firsts for the students and it has been a pleasure to watch them explore new environments with such excitement. In many activities they have shown huge amounts of courage and the majority of students found themselves very far out of their comfort zone yet they still gave it their all. I think Jensen Sidebottom used the phrase “I am going to die, help me Miss!” about a million times yet always came out the water saying it was the best experience of his life. 

On the way home we asked the students to summarise their trip on a piece of paper and this is what they said: 

“This trip has been humorously eye opening and exciting and completely worth the 26 hour journey” Amelia S

“The time of my life” Jordan B 

“Time flies when you’re having fun” Keisha K 

“A sporty, sun-soaked, sandy experience that went swimmingly well” Abigail F 

“Best trip ever” Taylor H