This week has been bursting with confident, polite and eager students in English. They have shown a real determination to succeed despite the challenges that they are currently facing in school and continue to display outstanding effort in lessons.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

These students have now been entered into the draw to become one of our end of term ‘Excellence in English’ award winners.

Superior Students of the week:

  • Mrs Mather: Adam Saleh 10C and Mahnoor Sohail 11E
  • Miss Allison: Jay Finch 8C and Talha Munir 10C
  • Mr Foster Finn: Alfie Howard 7G and Mohammed Qasem 10B
  • Miss St Pierre: Courtney Morton 8H and Peter Kaye 11B
  • Miss Quartermaine: Melissa Hilton 8A and Francesca Roberta Stoica 9E
  • Miss Grundy: Ruya Foord 7I and Archie Birch 10F
  • Miss Briddock: Connor Wright 8H and Jaroslava Dzudza 10F
  • Miss Beard: Stefan Tancos 9F and Zara Hussain 11A
  • Miss Chantrey: Abigail Brown 8G and Keegan Lazenby 11A